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Best Cooling Pad for A Notebook (Buying Guide)


Best Cooling Pad for A Notebook (Buying Guide). When the notebook gets too hot, you risk irreparably damaging the internal components. However, notebook fans aren’t always sufficient to dissipate heat. You can achieve a better effect with a laptop cooling pad that lets in much more air and effectively reduces heat.

Today, laptops are generally used for demanding programs and games requiring high performance. This means a considerable power demand from the most critical components, such as the processor, memory, and graphics card, which generate a lot of heat when operating at total capacity. This heat, when too high, puts tremendous stress on all the components inside.

The high temperature will not only reduce overall performance, but you risk seriously damaging the hardware.

What Does a Cooling Pad Do?

The cooling pad is an essential accessory to have on your computer. The heat dissipation systems in every laptop aren’t always sufficient to dissipate the enormous amount of heat produced. There’re many reasons, starting with the computer’s small size, that doesn’t allow good air passage under the laptop, and even dust that settles on the fans reaches the support on the work desk.

The fact is that each time a certain heating threshold is exceeded, the fans cannot dissipate all the heat on their own. At this point, your system is at significant risk, as its major components are in danger of failing. Many notebooks shut down automatically in these situations. But you should avoid getting to this point because, in any case, it means that you have put the hardware under very high stress.

Prolonged use in overheating conditions not only degrades performance but can also cause permanent damage and endanger the entire laptop. That’s why it’s always recommended to have a base that can cool the computer, thanks to external fans that circulate more air.

How Does the Cooling Pad Work?

External cooling systems are the best solution if your laptop gets too hot. The aim is to lower the operating temperature and allow better heat dissipation to prevent overheating.

The process is quite simple but very effective. Each pad has one or more large fans that artificially increase airflow, blowing cool ambient air toward the bottom of the laptop. You can adjust even the flow on the top models.

In addition to the fans, more air volume comes in as the laptop is lifted off the work surface, creating a larger space through which much more air can pass.

The result is outstanding, especially when using heavy programs or games. This guarantees a much longer lifespan for the laptop.

Best Cooling Pad for A Notebook

The pads aren’t very expensive and will pay for themselves with the long life of your computer. You probably don’t need it if you only use your laptop for simple tasks like creating documents and browsing the Web. However, you’ve probably noticed how hot it gets if you’re doing video editing on your computer or have a gaming machine running every new version. In such cases, we strongly recommend allowing your laptop to breathe better.

Since it’s such an essential accessory, there are a lot of them on the market and in various price ranges. In this buying guide, we want to simplify your choice, and for this, we show you the most valid models available online. After making all the necessary conditions, let’s see the best cooling pads you can choose for your laptop:

1. KLIM Wind

KLIM is a brand that produces excellent computer accessories at relatively low prices. If you’re wondering what the best cooling pad is for a laptop, this is probably the one you should buy. It has a very high quality/price ratio.

Besides cooling your notebook, the two-stage tilt gives you the perfect support and stand to elevate your laptop. Efficiency is high and helps keep temperatures low even during heavy use. KLIM Wind uses four fans with speeds of up to 1200 revolutions per minute, allowing a tremendous amount of air to pass through.


2. TopMate

The best alternative to KLIM is this incredibly advanced TopMate pad. Composed of five fans, one very large central and the other four external, it offers optimum cooling and excellent air circulation.

The best feature of this pad is that it can adjust the fan speed and, therefore, the airflow. The slower the fans spin, the quieter the base, but the maximum noise is still very low.


3. Cooler Master NotePal XL

This laptop cooling pad is in the top three of our ranking. NotePal XL is an attractive 230mm diameter single fan pad. Despite its enormous size, it’s quiet even when operating at maximum.

Cooling is very effective and can help you lower the temperature by up to six degrees. You can adjust the rotation speed using a wheel located on the front of the cooler.

Cooler Master NotePal XL
Cooler Master NotePal XL

4. Technet Cooling Pad

This model is one of the most loved solutions by gamers as it combines efficiency, attractive design, and ergonomics. It has five fast fans (up to 14000 rpm) that produce an airflow of up to 65 CFM. You can optimally reduce your computer’s temperature when it overheats due to playing heavy games. But they’re also super quiet.

In addition to offering excellent cooling capacity, it’s highly illuminated from the front and above the fans. There’re 7 RGB LED lights of different colors. The fans are lit blue, a light that can only be seen in the dark like all pads, but this also has a color line on the front that illuminates the table.

Technet Cooling Pad
Technet Cooling Pad

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