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Best Laptop Stands 2022 (Guide Content)


Do you use your laptop but continuously wonder where to put it to work or play comfortably? In these cases, laptop stands are essential to complement any workstation. But at the same time, if you need to use the computer in bed or on the sofa, they must have compact and easily movable support.

When using the computer on a desk, the screen forces us to look down and sometimes bend our backs in an incorrect posture. Long-term use leads to back pain, neck pain, and muscle tension. Precisely for this reason, we always recommend lifting the laptop with a stand and placing it in an ergonomic position. This allows the laptop to take a correct position.

In this article, we will see what types of support are available for laptops, how to choose the one that best suits your needs, and which ones are the best on the market.

Why Should You Buy Laptop Stands?

The primary purpose of the stand isn’t to provide more order on the table but to position the notebook in a more ergonomic position and to have a correct posture while working. This prevents back and neck pain. A laptop is a tool that more people use at home, for playing, and above all for work. When you spend hours in an incorrect position, you risk experiencing muscle pain.

Apart from that, the most significant constraints of notebooks are screen size and lack of a mouse. Therefore, an external monitor is often used, and peripherals are connected to it to become a real workstation or gamer.

However, in these cases, the laptop can be uncomfortable even on the table. Therefore, special brackets are often used to allocate the computer to the best position for use with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Other times, you have very little space and nowhere to put it; in those cases, a coffee table that can be folded and lifted as needed is the ideal solution!

Best Laptop Stands in 2022

They have many and varied uses, as these are increasingly sought-after accessories. The choice in stores and large chains is somewhat limited. But online, you can find everything and more. You can find everything from coffee tables with mouse pads that you can use on a sofa or bed to ventilated desk bases that allow you to place your laptop in a more ergonomic position, and even coffee tables where you can recognize your computer vertically.

Each of these has its unique use. But besides choosing for the shape, you need to look a lot at the quality of the product and ensure you have a good effect that is good for what you’re buying. It’s better to have a stand that lasts long and perhaps can meet the needs in style than to buy the cheapest stand and look for a new one a few months later. Here are the best and most bought stands as multi-purpose stands for laptops:


This is probably the best laptop stand you have on your desk. Made with solid aluminum construction, both height and tilt are adjustable. You can rotate it from 0 to 90 degrees as needed. The bottom has four non-slip pads that provide even more stability on any surface. On the other hand, protective hooks prevent the laptop from slipping when tilted.

The Z design allows for easy height adjustment. With this stand, you can lift the computer and reach a more ergonomic position where you can stand upright, reduce the neck and back pain associated with sitting for long hours with an incorrect posture.

An excellent conductor, aluminum allows you to dissipate heat even better and keep your computer cooler. Also, the wide openings in the base and the laptop being lifted off the table provide better airflow.



Babacom offers one of the most compact and versatile solutions for ergonomically positioning laptops and tablets. This aluminum stand is foldable and easy to lift and take with you anywhere.

The stand is sturdy and stays firmly on any surface, thanks to the four non-slip silicone pads on the top. Each hook has two rubber mats that hold the laptop in place and don’t allow it to scratch when you place it on it.


Koets City

For those looking for versatility, this is one of the best bases as you can use it as both a vertical and a horizontal stand. The stand, which has a lovely design, is very stable and safe. Thanks to the rubber feet, it protects both the laptop and the table from scratches.


If you’re looking for a base that keeps the laptop cool as well as keeps it cool to avoid overheating when you use heavy programs or games, then this Bestand is the best choice.

AmazonBasics Stand

One of the most basic stands you could ask for but ideal for any desk where you need a base that puts the laptop in a more ergonomic position. The stand is anodized metal and is available in both gray and black. At the top is a hole with the classic Amazon logo that allows for better computer ventilation. At the back, there is another hole where cables are inserted to keep everything organized.

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