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Best Speakers for Your PC and Mac


Bought a new monitor for your computer, but it doesn’t have built-in speakers? Or does the sound of the integrated ones not appeal to you? This article shows you the best speakers for your PC that you can buy and enjoy your favorite movies, games, and music.

It’s almost an essential component in any desktop computer, but it’s also valuable for laptops where you can enjoy more transparent and engaging sound than ever before.

From inexpensive speakers to relatively expensive but high-quality sounding speakers, we’ll help you find the suitable model for your computer and show you the key parameters and features to consider before buying.

Speakers Preliminary Information

Two classic computer speakers are typically placed on the edge of the monitor to ensure maximum sound participation. This system call stereo 2.0 as it consists of precisely two components; hence, the sound has two channels. Unless you have specific needs, these are more than reasonable, and this is the product we recommend you refer to yourself.

If you want an even better sound experience and, above all, strong bass, you’d better upgrade to 2.1 speakers, i.e., those with two speakers plus a SubWoofer. Such a system is more costly. But it also has more power and sound quality. It allows you to fully enjoy every movie, game, or music you listen to on your PC. The difference between the 2.0 and 2.1 systems is precisely the Subwoofer that announces itself above all in the bass.

5.1 speaker systems sound the best. But these are a bit of a waste on the computer and are better suited to a surround system for TV.

Most Recommended Computer Speakers

Below you will find not a ranking but a selection of the best speaker models broken down by price range. The former is suitable for those who don’t claim powerful and immersive sound, while the more expensive ones are suitable for music, movie, and gaming enthusiasts who want to be surrounded by sound. Here are the best speakers you can buy for your computer!

Polo Compact 2.0 Speaker Set

If you’re looking for a super cheap model, Trust has the solution for you. The Polo 2.0 speaker set comes in at less than €15 (sometimes you can find it for less than €10), and surprisingly they’re not bad at all. Of course, you can expect nothing. But these speakers are super-compact, pretty nice to have on your desk.

Maximum peak power is 8W (4 per speaker) and power is purely USB. Therefore, you don’t need an additional power plug. The only downside is the lack of volume control on the speaker, but it’s on the wire connecting the speakers to the PC, which can be annoying for those who want to hide the cables.

There isn’t much to say for the rest. They’re cheap, and you can’t have too many claims. So if you’re looking for something to hear what you’re watching on your computer, they’re fine.

Polo Compact 2.0 Speaker Set

Logitech Z120 USB 2.0 Stereo Speaker

Another model that is relatively cheap but much higher is the Logitech Z120. This is again a very compact but good-sounding stereo speaker set.

The design is excellent; the speakers are small and easy to carry. But it’s nice to have on any table. The volume wheel locates on the front of the right one, where there is also a small LED that glows green when turned on.

Here too, the power supply is provided only via USB. Connect two cables to the computer, one to USB and the other to a 3.5mm audio jack, and you’re ready to enjoy your favorite music, video, or games. A feature of the Z120 is the possibility to adjust the length of the cables and thus keep the desk tidy at all times.

Logitech Z120 USB 2.0 Stereo Speaker

AmazonBasics V620

Amazon now has several of its own branded computer products and accessories. Value for money is excellent. The V620 speakers are no exception. You get beautiful and influential speakers to give you a great sound experience at a relatively low cost.

The sound quality is excellent, thanks to the power range from 80 Hz to 20KHz; the sound is fantastic and powerful enough at maximum volume, despite only 1.2 W per speaker (2.4 in total). But the bass is almost nonexistent.

The design is beautiful with a brushed black metal finish. A blue light illuminates the base, giving it a more elegant, modern style that’s ideal for many tables. It’s too bad you can’t turn it off as it can be annoying when watching movies or playing in the dark. The entire base is covered with rubber, which doesn’t slip on any surface and protects the table from scratches.

AmazonBasics V620

Creative Pebble

The Creative Pebble is a beautiful pair of speakers with a unique style. Available in black and white colors. It creates to be on the desk and provides better sound for the PC user.

They create to give a clean sound and a dynamic sound. They have far-field drivers and passive radiators raised to 45 degrees. Some features provide a better sound projection and a very immersive sound experience. The sound is clear, and the bass is strong, despite its small size. The maximum power is 4.4W. Power is supplied, as always, via USB 2.0, suitable for both laptops and desktop computers.

Creative Pebble

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