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Easily Copy and Paste on PC and Mac


Find a quote somewhere that you like and don’t want to copy manually, or do you want to copy a file? You can use the excellent ‘copy and paste’ functionality on any computer and device.

This feature is available in every operating system as it’s beneficial and saves time. It’s helpful for almost everyone, from students to employees, and is very easy to use.

How are you doing? In this article, we’ll show you a few methods that, we assure you, are very simple, and you can do them even if you’re not at all familiar with PC and technology.

Copy and Paste Files or Texts to the PC

This process is straightforward. So if you’re not good with computers, don’t worry about not getting along. You can copy individual words and sentences into a document and avoid manually typing into the program. You can also use this function to duplicate all documents, photos, videos, and folders in other folders and organize your computer or make a backup of the most critical files. There’re four ways to copy and paste on PC and Mac (depending on the operating system):

Using the Right Mouse Button

This is the most traditional and easy way, but a bit slow. It becomes a hassle when you have to do it between different tabs and multiple times. However, using the keyboard isn’t always possible, so sometimes, the cursor is the only way. To copy and paste with the mouse, follow these steps:

  1. Select the text item you want to copy
  2. Right-click to open the options window
  3. Select Copy with the left button
  4. Go to the location where you want to paste the copied text or file
  5. Right-click again to open the window beforehand
  6. Select Paste

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see how quick and easy it is to learn. This is the simplest method for those who aren’t comfortable with keyboard commands.

Using the Right Mouse Button

Copying and Pasting with Keyboard Shortcut on Windows and Linux

The best way for those who want to make this process faster is to use the keyboard. In this case, remember the combination of two keys. If you get used to it, you will notice how this path allows you to work much faster. To copy and paste in Windows using the keyboard, do this:

  1. Select the file or highlight the text you need with the mouse
  2. Press CTRL + C on your keyboard to save in memory
  3. Premium and key CTRL + V

This much! As you can see, the operation is even more accessible and shorter than the mouse, but some have difficulty remembering. That’s why they always prefer to use a mouse.

Note: If you can’t find the Ctrl (Control) key, know it’s usually first (or second on many laptops) on the bottom left edge.

Copy and Paste on Mac

This functionality is also available on all Apple PCs and is done slightly differently. If you’ve tried the above combination, you may have noticed it didn’t work. Macs always use two keys, but not Control. Here you need the Command that you find at the edges of the field:

  1. Select the file or text you want to copy with the mouse
  2. Press Command + C
  3. Go to the location where you want to add them
  4. Press the Command + V keys on the keyboard

In short, almost the same procedure as Windows, with one key difference. If it doesn’t work, check if all keys are in place and see if you can use the mouse. You may protect the resource or try to place that file somewhere you cannot paste.

Copy and Paste on Mac

Copying and Pasting with an Additional Program

While we don’t like to use additional software to do what the computer can do on its own, in some cases, there’re benefits to doing this using a third-party program. Not only that. Sometimes Windows copy-cut-paste may not work correctly, and you may not be able to repair it unless you’re a computer expert. In such cases, such programs save your life, which is why we show you this fourth possibility.

Online you will find a variety of software that not only allows you to copy and paste texts and files but also has additional advanced and extra functions that can be very useful. The two best copy and paste programs are:

  1. Ditto: The free program for Windows also allows you to keep the history of words copied to the clipboard. A portable version is also available. It’s instrumental, fast to use, and doesn’t require installation.
  2. FlyCut: Ditto’s alternative for macOS. This program is also free, and you can find it in the App Store. It’s easy, convenient, lightweight, and won’t slow down your computer.

Apart from allowing you to copy all the notes you want and save them in other documents or copy the files to different folders, this function has another significant advantage that many professionals use.

What to Do When Copy and Paste Doesn’t Work?

Of course, there’re goddamn moments when such useful things stop working. The reasons for the operation to fail are different, but fortunately, there is a solution. However, it isn’t always easy to understand what caused this malfunction, and its resolution isn’t always easy.

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