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How to Add Music to Instagram Story without Stickers?

Now you’re wondering how to add music to Instagram Story without stickers to give more space for pictures without having to display the items. In the following paragraphs of this guide, we will actually explain how to add music to Instagram Story without stickers using the official Instagram app for Android or iPhone only.

Let’s not waste time; you will see that saying takes more than doing! Take a few moments, be comfortable with your phone at hand, and follow the instructions we’ll give you. You can unleash your creativity in the most flexible way possible by adding music to your Instagram Story and creating more exciting content. Also, fear not; if you encounter any problems with this feature, we will provide you with practical solutions to fix them. Happy reading and have fun!

Add Music to Instagram Story without Stickers

After making the necessary premise above, let’s see how to add music to Instagram Story without stickers. You will know that it is child’s play. Here are 3 ways to add music to Instagram Story without stickers!

Method 1:

  1. First, log into the Instagram app with your credentials and create a Story by adding music and images.
  2. To do this, log into the Instagram camera. Upload photos or videos that you took live or from your image gallery.
  3. Then tap the sticker icon in the menu at the top of the screen. You will find the music sticker on the screen that opens.
  4. Tap on it and choose a song.
  5. Type the title in the search bar, or you can also choose from the suggested ones. At this point, you will see a menu with symbols that will allow you to select the type of icon the song will add to your visual content.
  6. As we mentioned above, if there is text, you can show it as it progresses in sync with the music or adds a bar that summarizes the album’s title, author, and cover. You can change the color of the box containing the letters or information of the text by choosing from among eleven different colors. There’re also other fonts and infoboxes.
  7. Select any display mode of the song you want to play from the text or info boxes, then tap the finish command.
  8. Before publishing your story, drag the music icon you see on the screen out of the frame, right, left, or up, just as if you wanted to remove it from the phone. Don’t drag it down, or it may fall into the trash, and you can delete the audio track. With this simple action, Instagram will still detect the presence of a piece of music, but the only data that will remain visible will be the caption in the top left under your profile name.

instagram music sticker

Method 2:

Another way to add music to Instagram Story without stickers is to use your thumb and index finger on the screen as if giving a pinch and shrink it until it disappears.

Now that the frame is clear, any element in it will be perfectly readable; don’t worry about redoing your story if it doesn’t turn out the way you want. At the same time, the rear track can provide an additional level of interest. Also, remember that each piece of music you can upload to stories cannot exceed 15 seconds.

Method 3:

The methods listed above are easy. But the technique may fail when you cannot find your favorite music on Instagram. This is because Instagram needs to license these songs, and if they can’t agree, they can’t show that song in the app. However, we can easily add the music to our story using a simple video editor.

You can use video editors for almost any platform, including Android, iPhone, laptop, and desktop. We will use VN Editor in this article.

First, save the story you want to post on Instagram. You can save the stories to the photos app using the Instagram app by tapping the download button. Next, you will need the music file that we will put in the video. With VN Editor, you can import music from iTunes, record a clip, use any video you have on your phone, and even import the music from the files app. Once we have the music, we can start putting it on video:

  • Open the VN Editor application and open a new project.
  • Select the video and tap next. Immediately tap on the ‘Add Music’ button in the timeline section.
  • You can add music in various ways, such as sound effects, recording, or music files.
  • Tap music and select more.
  • Now adjust the music level to match the story of the video. You can also trim the song portion to fit the video better.
  • Export your project now and save it to your camera roll or gallery. Your Instagram Story is now ready. Open Instagram and select the latest video and post it as your story.
I have been working as a professional editor-in-chief and content producer for more than nine years. I have been a Logo Designer / Video Editor and Photoshoper for 4-5 years. In addition, I make Game icons/button designs.

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