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How to Check the Temperature of the Computer?


Does your computer get very hot when you use it? We recommend that you do a temperature control of your computer because there may be problems with the fans or the programs you use may be too heavy. Thus, the computer’s cooling system may not be able to handle this load. In any case, it’s always a good practice to monitor the CPU temperature to ensure it has a longer lifespan.

Not an expert on computers? Don’t worry; in this tutorial, we show you the simplest ways to check the status of your system and see the ratings reached by your computer’s major components. If the heat is too high, we’ll also show you some helpful ways to lower the temperature.

Why Should You Monitor Computer Temperature?

When operating at very high temperatures, your computer’s internal components are subject to a lot of stress. If they continue to use in these conditions, they may be permanently damaged, and your PC may stop working.

The first signs of overheating are a marked drop in performance as the computer is faster when components like the CPU run at the right temperature. But what is the optimal temperature for the computer’s CPU and GPU?

To avoid problems, you should not exceed 60 degrees for extended periods. Ideally, the computer and its processor or graphics card should run between 45 and 60 degrees, with flexible limits depending on the model.

When you turn on the computer, it takes a while to reach the temperature, but you must be careful when it exceeds 60 degrees. There will be no problem for a short time, but there is a risk of damage if the PC runs in this mode for a long time.

Check Windows Computer’s Temperature

Using a Windows computer, you can monitor your PC’s temperature in several ways. Most professional computer models for work and play often come with small programs that can give you all the main parameters of the state of your system.

On the other hand, if you have a model that doesn’t have these features, you can purposefully use a small program. There’re many on the web, but among the various software around, we recommend HWInfo. It is a light and free program that will show you a lot of information about the computer, and temperature. Works with most AMD and Intel processors.

Check Windows Computers Temperature

Check Mac’s Temperature

Since HWInfo is for Windows only, Apple users should use a different program. The Monit program is a good app, also available in the AppStore but costly. The advantage is that it gives you a lot of information about the computer in general.

If you’re looking for a free alternative, you can try XRG, a freeware that doesn’t work miracles but is enough to see the temperature. You cannot download it from the App Store, but you can download it on the official website. If you don’t want to use additional programs, a great tool on Macs is Activity Monitor. This feature in the latest macOS gives you essential information about your computer, including computer load, fan status, and much more.

Check Macs Temperature

How to Lower the Computer’s Temperature?

To make your computer last longer, it is essential to prevent it from overheating and avoid this stress on its internal components. This is precisely why it is necessary to monitor the temperature and avoid overheating.

There’re several ways to do this, some more practical and some less, but it depends on the computer itself. That’s precisely why we recommend that you take a look at and try them all to see which one can most effectively lower your computer’s temperature.

Close Programs

One of the best ways to limit the load on your computer, and therefore its overheating, isn’t to open too many programs simultaneously and close the active ones when you no longer need them.

Every open program uses computer resources and loads the computer’s CPU and memory. One or two small programs may not affect performance at all, but when there’re too many, or the open software is too heavy, it puts a lot of power into the computer, slows it down, and its components can start to heat up.

Note that many of these can run in the background, and their icons don’t appear in the control bar, making it a little more complicated to recognize that they’re working. Keeping only the programs you use open and unnecessary closing programs is a great way to control your computer’s temperature.

Let the Computer Breathe

Most PC cooling systems use ambient air to cool internal components. This is to allow the fans to use as much air as possible. This means you don’t have to cover the air intakes with stickers; maybe just put the PC on a base that lifts it off the table and allows for better ventilation from below, not using a case that isn’t suitable for a PC. These and many other small measures play a fundamental role in maintaining a low temperature.

Another factor to consider is dust. Dust can build up fans or internal components and form a heat-trapping layer. Therefore, don’t forget to clean your computer regularly.

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