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How to Choose the Best Mouse Pad for Your Mouse?


When you want maximum precision on every click, it’s not enough to have the best mouse: You have to choose the mat carefully too. You know there’s a big difference between any pad and a particular model for a specific use, whether for work or play. Everyone has different needs. There’re many factors to consider when you go to choose a mouse pad, the main ones being:

  • Dimensions: From the classic square and small ones, today, the models are sold so large that they take up the entire table.
  • Design: Are you looking for a neutral model or a model with various patterns? There’re also LED illuminated pads, ideal for those who want to complete the playstation.
  • Material: Here are various rubber models; others make aluminum.

This article will help you choose the mouse pad that best suits your needs and the best available for your mouse.

The Best Mouse Pads of 2022

Search the Internet, and you will find an endless number of models. However, some models stand out with their quality, design, and features and offer you an even better user experience. To make your choice more accessible, we have selected different types of models with an excellent quality/price ratio. We’re among the most viable options on the market at the moment.

Here’s a brief description of the best mouse pads you can buy and a comparison of each with their features.


A mouse pad will appeal to Mac owners looking for a sleek and stylish mouse pad that fits perfectly with their Apple computer. The upper part is satin-finished aluminum, and the lower is faux leather. It has four non-slip rubber pads that hold it firmly on the table without scratching or damaging its surface.

The mouse glides nicely, and accuracy is high, especially on synthetic leather. It is also suitable for long gaming/work sessions. It weighs only 200 grams and is very compact: 220 x 180 x 2 mm. Very durable and well made, very economical but good. It is also straightforward to clean as it is entirely waterproof.


Razer Firefly Hard Edition

If you’re looking for a truly professional product to complement your gaming station, this Razer Firefly is probably your best bet. Its hard coating dramatically improves the accuracy and gliding speed of the mouse. Combining these two features with the precision surface gives you more control and increasingly precise shots.

Many aspects of Firefly are unique: Starting with the great backlighting with LEDs and customizable lighting effects, then syncing with Chroma of Razer-enabled devices. All the extras that let you enjoy your favorite games even more.

It’s the perfect pad to combine with a gaming cursor (perhaps always Razer), surprisingly e-gamer-approved. It has a very high cost, but if you’re looking for professional gaming products, you know that the prices are so high.

Razer Firefly Hard Edition

Aukey P1

The mouse pad makes of rubber with excellent anti-slip properties that allow it to stay still on any surface without slipping or twisting. The dimensions are also very compact: Width and length 35cm x 25cm, thickness 3mm. The design is very neutral, and you can also put it on a desk.

The edges are sewn in, a feature that some appreciate, but others may not like the forearm chafing you create when you use it for several hours.

Aukey is a manufacturer of computer and phone accessories that are low in price but excellent value for money. The material is good and resistant to scratches, and the mat is simple yet durable and comfortable. The product isn’t professional, but it’s okay except for a particular need.

Aukey P1

HP Gaming Omen Mouse Pad

There’s also an Omen product, a product line dedicated to gaming. A canvas matte is so simple yet truly unique and worth every penny. Available in three different sizes. Compact and portable mouse pad 100 with 36 x 30 cm dimensions, 200 medium version with 45 x 40 dimensions (also available in complex version), and 300 with 90 x 40 cm dimensions are big. All black, with the Omen logo on the top right and 4 mm thick.

The pad’s surface is super smooth and allows the mouse to glide optimally, while the sole is rubberized for maximum grip.

HP Gaming Omen Mouse Pad

Fellowes Crystal Gel

Those who work hard at the computer often experience fatigue and pain in the wrists. In these cases, opting for an ergonomic mat such as a Fellowes pad with wrist support is usually better. In particular, this one has a wrist rest that fits your wrist and helps relieve pressure, thereby significantly reducing fatigue.

Easy to clean, durable, an excellent mat for home and office use with optical mice, but frankly not suitable for gaming. They recommend it for those who have problems with their wrists. But it can be uncomfortable even for those who take long walks with the cursor.

It has quality material. If you’re looking for an economical solution for the office, this will be perfect for you.

Fellowes Crystal Gel

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