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How to Delete All Temporary Files from Your Computer?


Want to save a file, but the computer tells you there is no more space on the disk? Or has the computer become slower than usual? In such cases, your computer may be full of temporary files.

Deleting temporary files from your computer is one of the best ways to free up storage memory and speed up a prolonged computer. There are many ways to do this. The procedures are straightforward and take very little time.

Therefore, even if you are unfamiliar with the computer, don’t worry. We have explained how to delete these files so that anyone can do the procedure alone, even without any experience.

What are Temporary Files?

Let’s try to understand the details, starting with the basics.

Temporary files are files that the operating system keeps in a unique archive for faster recall when needed, but also from programs to make a backup of what you’re going to change. They call temporary because, after a while, they’re automatically deleted when the system decides they’re no longer needed.

So why do they slow down the entire system instead of speeding it up?

Although beneficial to the system and programs, when too many create and deleted that are no longer needed, the computer’s memory becomes clogged, and performance drops dramatically. That’s precisely why it’s essential to free up memory by deleting it regularly.

Delete Temporary Files From Your Computer

As we said, there are different types of temporary files, and the procedure for removing them varies. But it is always straightforward. It runs slightly on various operating systems. However, you can still do it very quickly, and no additional programs are required. If you’re afraid of getting into folders on your system, you can use free software that does a great job. So let’s see all the methods to clean your computer:

Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10 with Disk Cleanup

In Windows, two temporary folders create, one for user files and one for system files. Emptying these folders can also free up several GB of memory and speed up the entire computer.

The best way to delete temporary files in Windows 10 is to use the ‘Disk Cleanup’ tool. Go to the search field, type ‘Disk Cleanup,’ and select the app of the same name from the results. At this point, select the disk you want to clean and click ‘OK.’ On the screen that opens, select the file types to be deleted and click ‘OK’ again.

We recommend you clean system files by clicking clean up system files. The same window will reopen, but the Windows files will also be selectable at startup.

Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10 with Disk Cleanup

Manually Empty Temp Folders

‘Disk Cleanup’ is a system application included in every Windows 10, a very reliable and helpful tool. However, if you want, you can delete the files directly to the two folders. Finding them is very simple:

To access the temporary files folder, press the ‘Windows + R’ keyboard combination to open the ‘Run’ window. At this point, type ‘%temp%’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key. The Temp folder will open (the path usually is C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp). Here you must select all files (you can use Ctrl + A on the keyboard) and delete them.

The procedure for accessing the ‘System Temp’ folder is the same, the only difference being that you type temp without the percent symbols. If you want to reach this folder manually, its location is usually “C:\Windows\Temp.”

Manually Empty Temp Folders

How to Remove Temporary Internet Files?

You can also remove browser-generated files to free up even more space. We do this by using CCleaner, which, as mentioned, is a great software to keep your computer in good condition. But if you prefer to do this manually, we recommend that you follow the steps that we will suggest.

To remove temporary files of Internet Explorer and Edge, click on ‘Start’ to open the menu, then go to Control Panel, Network, Internet, and from there, ‘Internet Options.’ At this point, select ‘General’ and click on ‘Delete’ which you find below browsing history.

If you’re using the Google Chrome browser, you need to go to ‘More,’ the button in the top right with three vertical dots in the top right. From here, go to ‘More Tools’ and then select clear browsing data.

To delete them from Firefox, open the browser and go to the ‘Tools’ tab. From here, you can select clear recent history.

How to Remove Temporary Internet Files

Clean Your Computer with Ccleaner

CCleaner not only cleans temporary files, but you can also perform various maintenance operations on your computer. In addition, this program can control the programs started at startup, do much more to keep the system in good condition all the time, and not experience performance degradation.

The great thing is that you can use it on both Windows and Mac, not only to improve performance but also to remove tracking files, browse data from your computer, and protect your privacy even more.

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