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How to Flip a Computer Screen Vertically?


Did you press a key combination, and the monitor inadvertently turned upside down? Or do you want to rotate it so it looks horizontal and you have more workspace? Know that nothing is more accessible, and in this article, we show you several ways how to flip your computer screen.

Although the process is very easy, we mentioned that it is slightly different according to the operating system. But don’t worry because we will see a detailed guide on how to do this on the most commonly used operating systems and whatever computer you have. Here we will show you many different solutions for both Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. We have tried all of them before and got successful results. Start reading now!

Rotate Screen in Windows 7 and 8

Let’s start with one of the older operating systems many of us still have on our computers, namely Windows 7. But the guide is the same for Windows 8. The procedure is very simple. Quickly press the right button of your mouse on the desktop and select the screen resolution section. In the window that opens, select one of the four possibilities under the heading orientation.

If you can’t do it somehow, there is another procedure, albeit a bit cumbersome; it’s nothing complicated. The second way to rotate the screen is to open the ‘Start’ menu and enter the ‘Control Panel’ control, where you will select the item. You will come to the same screen as before and will be able to choose the routing from the four available options.

Although Microsoft has officially suspended support and updates for these versions, they’re still heavily used by many users who have old computers and are unable or unwilling to upgrade to 10.

Rotate Screen in Windows 7 and 8

How to Rotate Your PC Screen in Windows 10?

Those who have upgraded or bought a new computer probably have Windows 10, and the menu that opens when you click the start button is slightly different. However, it doesn’t change much because even here, the operation is almost essential and does from the display settings panel.

You can always open it from the context menu that appears by clicking the right mouse button on the desktop, searching in the search bar, or pressing ‘Start’ button, then ‘System’ and selecting a view from there.

Just scroll down slightly, and you’ll find the orientation item with the classic drop-down menu with four rotation options.

How to Rotate Your PC Screen in Windows 10

How to Flip Screen on Mac?

Obviously, on Apple computers, the process is different, but it’s just as simple. Whether you have old OS X or new macOS, rotating the screen is done the same way. Regardless of your operating system version, follow these steps to turn the screenshot:

  1. Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the command bar
  2. Press the ‘Open System Preferences’ button
  3. Select monitor from the available options
  4. Select degrees from the drop-down menu under rotation.

As you can see, it’s even easier to rotate the image on a Mac monitor than on Windows. Please note that if your computer or external monitor doesn’t support this feature, you will not see rotation. For example, on MacBooks with retina display, this feature is disabled, and there is no sound even in the window.

Rotate Screen in Ubuntu

Finally, let’s see the procedure for those who have Ubuntu. Here, of course, everything is done from the terminal, not from the menu as seen in the operating system, but the commands are straightforward. To turn on the screen on your PC with Ubuntu, simply open the terminal by pressing CTRL + ALT + T and type one of the following three character strings:

  • Xrandr -o to rotate left
  • Xrandr -o to rotate right
  • Xrandr -o invert to invert it upside down

If you have pacioccato and can no longer put it back, you can always restore the standard view by typing Xrandr -o normal.

As a result, the screen is always set to be wider horizontally. You can fix this however you want. However, if you have a monitor that lets you rotate vertically, and you’re much more comfortable in that position, it’s actually pretty simple to turn the screen, as you can see.

If you somehow unintentionally rotated the screen completely, we hope this guide helped you fix the problem and put the screen back as you placed it. Let us know in detail in the comments if it didn’t work so we can help you solve the problem.

By the way, playing for a friend who doesn’t know much about rotating the screen can be an amusing prank. So you can have fun for a long time by scaring your friend. But don’t forget to fix your friend’s screen afterward. Otherwise, it may struggle for a long time and may not fix the screen.

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