How to Lock a Folder on Mac?


If you’re wondering how to lock a folder on Mac, you’re in the right place. In this post, we will introduce many methods to lock a folder on Mac.

Security, privacy, and preventing accidental data modification: There’re many reasons why password protection for a file or folder on Mac is proper. This feature is useful, for example, if you’re using a Mac, not to allow third parties to access our files.

Why is Password Protecting Your Folders?

Your Mac can have anything from documents, files, pictures, notes, calendars, and much more. However, your folders on your Mac don’t deserve to be seen by everyone.

No matter how close your family or friends are, there’re some files you cannot share with them. You can always set it up and have your piece of solitude. Here you can hide essential documents such as credit card details, bank details, insurance, log in details, and even legal documents. But how do you protect these files?

It would be best to password protect them so that no one can open you. Fortunately, if you are the device administrator, you can enjoy the privilege of setting locks on specific folders. The best thing about having a folder lock is that it can help protect confidential information even if you lose your Mac or leave it unattended.

But how to lock a folder on Mac? Let’s say you have a file in the back full of information and don’t want anyone to see it; how do you hide it? All this and more will be later in this article, so keep reading!

Lock Folder on Mac with the Help of Disk Utility

Disk Utility includes Mac, so you can manage or edit drives, disks, and partitions. This program also allows you to create a password-protected folder on Mac. However, you can still order your files easily. Follow these steps to lock the folder on Mac with the help of Disk Utility:

  • First, open Disk Utility on Mac right away. You can find it with the help of Spotlight. Follow the step File> New Image> Image from Folder. You can also press the Shift + Command + N keys simultaneously.
  • Now select the desired folder to set the password for your folder.
  • In another step, you will choose some things like security type or name. Specify the folder’s name to password protect and select the partition you want to save. For encryption, choose the ‘128 bit AES’ encryption method and type your password. For the image format, tick the option you want. Finally, press the ‘Save’ button.
  • The encryption process will take some time, depending on your folder size. When you receive the confirmation message, go to the appropriate location. Type your password and then tap ‘OK.’

You now have a virtual disk with the same name as the folder. Open this to view your files and then access your folders. After using this, remove the drive so no one can access the folder.

How to Lock a Folder on Mac

Encrypto Program to Protect Folders on Mac

The Encrypto program allows you to encrypt any folder or file using a password conveniently. This program is a great free utility for Mac users. You can share the folders you encrypted using Encrypto with anyone you want. However, you can open folders using Encrypto on your Mac. To encrypt and password protects folders on Mac, follow these steps:

  • Download and install Encrypto on your Mac now.
  • Drag and drop any file into the Encrypto.
  • Type the desired password.
  • Click Encrypt.
  • After finishing the process, you can save the folder to your desired location.

It will be in the ‘.encrypt’ file format, which you will not open in any way unless you have the password you set to access the encrypted folders.

Encrypto Program to Protect Folders on Mac

Mac App Concealer Program to Password Protect Files and Folders

In this section, we will talk about a very different program. We recommend this program because it functions very effectively and is reliable. Concealer is an excellent Mac program that allows you to encrypt your files along with folders and save them conveniently. You can lock anything, like notes, credit cards, or software licenses.

Furthermore, the Concealer program also allows you to easily set separate passwords for the folders you archive or use.

In addition to all these, this program has many other different features that might interest you greatly. To do this, open the program and drag and drop the folders into the program. So you can encrypt the folder for maximum security.

As a result, we covered the best practices to lock a folder on Mac. The first methods have much higher encryption levels. But in any case, it’s nearly impossible for others to access your folders. Protect your folders by trying these methods. If you have difficulty encrypting folders, you can contact us.

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