How to Make Hashtags on the Keyboard?

Are you trying to create a beautiful post on your favorite social network? When it’s time to put hashtags, you search for the hashtag but can’t find it anywhere? Do you finally give up after trying them all?

But this is an unnecessary effort and waste of time because there is a straightforward way to remove this symbol by pressing several keys simultaneously. Didn’t you know? Now we will give you detailed information about the hashtag.

In today’s tutorial, we want to show you how to hashtag or hashtag on a PC keyboard on both Windows and Mac computers. There’re vital combinations to press; it’s straightforward and fast. It will make your life easier, and you will no longer need to copy-paste from Google.

However, remember that the combination varies according to your operating system and keyboard layout! Don’t worry though, because we’ll show you all the variations so you can find the one that suits you!

What is a Hashtag?

You can create a hashtag by adding a ‘#’ to the beginning of a continuous word or phrase. Therefore, it’s a keyword used in social networks and automatically detected by search engines.

When users search for content that interests them, you want it to appear in search results, and the way to do that is to use hashtags. Also, users like your content can reach you via direct message or even subscribe.

Hashtags also allow you to see posts from a broader range of people than your circle of friends. Instead of browsing photos your friends have shared in your feed; you can search for posts on a topic. You can discover content that grabs your attention that you would never find otherwise.

When you use a hashtag in a post, it becomes linked to all other posts containing the same hashtag. Therefore, users interested in your hashtag are more likely to find your account. Adding a hashtag gives your post content and can increase its reach and give it a longer lifespan.

How to Make Hashtags on Windows?

Since most people use an essential operating system, let’s start with Windows first. There’re several possibilities here.

Things are much easier if your computer is entirely in English. The Anglo-Saxons simplified them. You must press ‘Shift + 3’ to make a hashtag from the English keyboard. Here you use the shift key to scroll, i.e., capitalize, and it is usually marked with an up arrow.

There are two ‘Shift’ buttons on the keyboard. The first is to the left on the second row of keys from bottom to top (above CTRL). The second is on the right, always on the same line and typically positioned below.

How to Make Hashtags on Windows

How to Make Hashtags on Mac?

Now let’s see how to do it on Mac. Apple computers are perfect for those who want to be the king of social media, especially when coupled with an iPhone. While shooting videos with the phone, you edit and decorate them with the PC. Get them viral. Now you need to post them on Twitter, put the right hashtags using the hashtag, and wait for a shower of likes!

Apple is trying to make things easier for you, and it’s succeeding again. The ‘Alt’ key is missing on both sides of a Mac keyboard, even though the control key is there. But here is the ‘Command’ key, which functions the same as the two pressed together.

If your computer input is in English, the combination is the same for Windows. So the process is straightforward. Just press ‘Shift + 3,’ and you will write the hashtag on the screen. Again, it doesn’t matter what letters you physically type on the keyboard, which can be in either language.

Remember that this key is the ‘Shift’ key, and sometimes it just has an up arrow on it. You can find it both on the far left of the keyboard and the right in the second line, under ‘Enter.’ On the left is the ‘Caps Lock’ key, which is always a slash below it and an up arrow. But if you press this button, the hashtag will not appear.

It is now a symbol used not only for writing code but for making all hashtags in various social networks, and above all, it is among the most recommended characters to use when you want to create a secure password. Therefore, it is always more helpful to know the key combinations and be able to do it quickly. In short, you now know how to hashtag with the keyboard on both PC and Mac.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated, and the keys to press are straightforward to remember; after a while, you will find that it becomes very intuitive and almost automatic.

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