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How to Protect USB Flash Drive from Virus?


If you’re wondering ‘how to protect a USB flash drive from viruses,’ you’re at the right place. Flash drive is the primary way to spread viruses. This is because unprotected USB drives are vulnerable and easily infected. Just click ‘Open’ for the malware to start applying to the computer. Thus, viruses come from PC to PC via a well-known enemy messenger.

But not all is as alarming as it seems. The truth is that protecting a USB drive is very simple. In this post, we will answer the question of ‘how to protect USB flash drive from virus’ and offer you the most effective solutions. Keep reading!

Ways to Protect USB Flash Drive from Virus

Ready to protect USB flash drive? Now we will see how to put the password on a USB key to protect existing data, making it inaccessible to malicious people and intruders. Here are the most effective ways to protect a USB flash drive:

Enable Write Protection on USB Flash Drive

The first method of protecting a USB flash drive, which we will tell you about, is to activate the enable write of the USB. In this way, it’s impossible for the data you save in it to be affected by viruses or malware.

We use NTFS Drive Protection to write-protect a USB drive. We remind you that you must format the USB drive in NTFS format before using NTFS Drive Protection.

After formatting to use NTFS Drive Protection, launch the browser linked to the tool’s homepage and wait a few seconds to start downloading the compressed file ‘’ to the PC.

After unzipping the newly downloaded ZIP file to a folder, connect the USB drive to the PC. Then open the folder where you just extracted the NTFS Drive Protection and double-click the ‘DriveProtect.exe’ file in succession with the left mouse button. At this point, click the ‘Start protection’ button to write-protect the USB key with NTFS Drive Protection.

If you change your mind, click the ‘Stop protection’ button if you want to remove the write protection from the USB flash drive and remove the restrictions when the NTFS Drive Protection program starts. That is all!

Encrypt USB Flash Drive

Another way to protect a USB drive containing personal data and important documents is to set an access password and encrypt the files inside to protect it from anyone watching it.

The name of the software we will use here is the ‘USB Flash Security’ program. This program is free, and once you install it, it allows you to protect the USB flash drive with a password. So the intrusive USB drive on duty will be pleasantly surprised when connecting it to the PC.

Encrypt USB Flash Drive

How to Protect USB Flash Drive with Windows 10?

If you have Windows 10 installed on your computer, ‘BitLocker,’ an encryption system integrated into the Microsoft operating system, allows you to protect the data contained in a USB flash drive in a few steps by encrypting it.

The first step you need to do is to connect the USB flash drive to a PC with Windows 10, then open the device window from ‘From This PC’ or ‘File Explorer’ and right-click on the drive icon assigned to USB.

Select ‘Enable BitLocker’ from the drop-down menu. Wait a while for the encryption processes to start and check the ‘Use password to unlock the unit’ option from the first window that opens. Type a password in the field below and click the ‘Next’ button. In the next window, you choose how to back up the required recovery key to access the encrypted data on the USB drive. Select the ‘Save to a file’ option and press ‘Next.’

If you want to use it on other PCs in different places where you sign in with your Microsoft account, select ‘Save in Microsoft account’ and continue with the actions prompted. In the window that opens, select ‘Save to file’ and choose the path where you want to save the file with the encrypted key. Finally, click the ‘Save’ button and then click ‘Next.’

In the next window, you must decide to encrypt a portion of the USB flash drive and check the ‘Apply encryption only to the used area of ​​the disk’ option or the ‘Encrypt the entire drive’ option to encrypt the available space. You must select the encryption compatibility level; we recommend leaving ‘Compatible mode’ checked to decrypt data on other devices. Finally, select Next> Start encryption to start the encryption processes of the entire drive.

After enabling BitLocker encryption on the USB key to access its contents, you will naturally prompt to type in the password you set beforehand. If you don’t order the correct password, you cannot access or change the files on the USB device.

If you think about it and want to remove BitLocker encryption, open the ‘File Explorer’ window and right-click on the drive icon assigned to the USB drive. Then select ‘BitLocker Management’ from the menu that appears.

In the window that opens, confirm ‘Disable BitLocker’ at the bottom and then confirm the warning that appears. Finally, wait for the encryption removal procedure to complete. Even in this case, it takes a few minutes.

When USB BitLocker encryption is finished and disabled, you can access its contents without typing any password.

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