How To Send A Gift Message On Instagram?


How To Send A Gift Message On Instagram? Gift messages on Instagram are a new feature introduced to users. If you haven’t gotten one, you may not know what it’s. This article will focus on Instagram’s new features and usability, such as gift messaging.

Instagram users have access to many goals or filters with the ability to get you millions of likes and followers instantly. It also maintains its speed in offering new features to users. It started as a photo-sharing app but let users try out many other features like IG TV, IG stories, and brand new Instagram reels.

It also provided users with many chat options. You can now chat in disappearing mode, which will notify you if the other user captures the chat. It also allows users to filter direct messages from unknown people and pages. Altogether, it provides a complete package to protect user privacy.

As the new year approached, Instagram came up with a surprise feature for its users. Previously, it allowed users to send GIFs, stickers, and various emojis to their chat boxes, but now you can send surprise gift messages to your loved ones.

If you want to celebrate birthdays and other happy days, we recommend you evaluate this new feature. The gift messages option is an attractive way to express your love on sunny days. After sending a gift message, the other user will receive a gift box in their inbox. The person will not be able to read the hidden text inside the box until they touch it.

What are Gift Messages on Instagram?

As mentioned above, social media applications must adapt to changing times and needs to survive. Instagram has done an excellent job on this. First, it improved its interface a few years ago. Now, it has introduced many new features taken with open arms.

The gift message on Instagram comes with the new ‘Chat Gift’ update. This new plugin includes a ‘send gift’ option that allows users to send gifts to their friends. How can they send gifts on Instagram? Gifts aren’t natural gifts.

Gifts are a way to make someone feel special. You can send this gift to friends on special occasions such as birthdays or to wish for christmas. You can send these gifts via direct message on Instagram. Once shipped, these messages can expand to fill the entire screen. Isn’t it fantastic?

How To Send A Gift Message On Instagram

How To Send A Gift Message On Instagram?

Sending gifts on Instagram is an innovative way to make your family and friends feel special. The next question would be: How do you send gift messages on Instagram?

Many Instagram users raise this question because they cannot understand this issue. First, install and open the Instagram app if you haven’t already. Once opened, swipe right to access the chat option. You can also do this by going to the DM option in the top right.

Now that you are in the chat area, you should look for the icon on the left side of the screen. Tap and swipe to select a gift message template.

You can write the message you want to send to your friends or family here. When done, send it to your friend.

They can’t reply to you without seeing your message. This way, they let them see your private message.

How To Get Gift Messages on Instagram?

It’s easy to access gift messages on Instagram. But first, you need to check if your Instagram app is up to date. We recommend updating your app every two weeks so you don’t miss out on essential features. After updating the app:

  • Open the Instagram app and swipe right to open the chat room.
  • Type your gift message, then tap the search icon that appears in the top left next to the chat option.
  • Tap on the gift message option and swipe to choose your favorite gift message template.

After choosing the template, you can send the message to the person you want. End users will get a box icon and will not be able to see the text inside directly. To read the text, they need to tap the box icon; after tapping the box, the hero, users will see a beautifully designed message. Isn’t this cute? This feature will make your loved ones smile because surprises are always the best.

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Why Doesn’t Send Gift Option Appear On Your Phone?

Many people have asked why they can’t see the option on their phones. The simple answer is that you haven’t updated your software. Sometimes you cannot access these features even after the update. If so, reinstall your Instagram app.

It was about the trending feature of gift messages on Instagram. Hopefully, this article has provided the easiest way to get this feature.

How To Activate the New Function of Gift Messages On Instagram?

The first step is to update the Instagram platform so that you can enable this feature as it’s new. The second step is to go to your profile and navigate to the horizontal bars at the top right of the phone.

After clicking, go to the configuration option and then to the account section, and now continue to go to the personal account. You should not forget that this is an integral part of the job.

If you have your professional account, switch it to the personal option. In this step, you can see the selection on your mobile. That’s why we stress that it’s so important to do this.

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