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How to Turn off Voicemail?


Are all your friends complaining that the answering turns on right when they call you after a few rings? Tired of always getting notifications that you’ve recorded messages and paying to listen to them? Then maybe it’s time to turn it off.

If you have no idea how to do it, you’re in the right place because below, we will tell you how to turn off the Voicemail on your phone.

Disabling this feature is accessible regardless of your SIM carrier or carrier. You’re wrong if you think you must go to a service center! We assure you that if you follow the tutorial to the end, you can do it yourself in a few seconds. We will show you methods that are easier and have proven effectiveness! If it doesn’t work or you can’t, you can still leave a comment, and we’ll help you fix it.

How to Disable Voicemail on Each Operator?

While Voicemail is a handy feature in some situations, it’s often really annoying, especially if you have to pay for it. That’s why everyone is wondering how to remove it when it activates on its own or when you change operators and activates automatically. If you convince that you don’t need this service, let’s see how to stop it.

Note that there is usually more than one way to disable this, and the process is almost always the same for every carrier. Most of the time, you must use a unique deactivation code combination for each carrier. Instead, you must do this from your account or by talking to a carrier. The varieties to be made are as follows.

To turn off Voicemail and turn off all call transfers to other operators, type ‘##21#’ on the phone and press the green call button.

Note that many sites show ‘##002#’ as a string to generate. However, this code uses to disable the forwarding of incoming calls, including answering machines.

Disable Only Some Services

There’re many situations where an answering machine is handy to have. This app is helpful mainly because, in many cases today, it can be completely free.

Precisely for this reason, all operators only allow you to enable and disable certain features. If you’re only interested in some services with these codes, you can disable the Voicemail only in some cases:

  • ##62#: With this code, you can disable the answering machine when the phone is switched off or unreachable.
  • ##61#: This allows you to remove Voicemail when you don’t answer incoming calls in time.
  • ##67#: You disable the service only when the line is busy.
  • ##21#: Removes this for all incoming calls, including when the phone is switched on or reachable.
  • ##002#: Disable all call forwarding.

To use these functions, key in the code with the mobile phone’s numeric keypad and press the green handset of the call to confirm the request.

Disable Only Some Services

Turn Off the Voicemail from Smartphone

If, for some reason, the above codes aren’t working and the Voicemail is still active, today’s smartphones allow you to remove it directly from the phone settings.

So, suppose you have tried all the combinations mentioned above, and nothing has managed to disable the service. In that case, you should make one last try before contacting your operator’s technical support or going to one of their centers. The process, which we will explain now, is straightforward, with minor differences between the various operating systems.

Turning Off Voicemail on Samsung and Other Android Phones

If you have a Samsung or any other smartphone with an Android operating system, you need to open the ‘Settings’ screen. Select ‘Device.’ On the new screen, tap ‘Applications.’ Then click on ‘Phone’ and select ‘Calls.’ Finally, tap on more settings and select ‘Call forwarding.’

A screen will open where you can choose when to activate or deactivate call forwarding and the Voicemail. If you choose Voicemail, decide which number and when (busy, unavailable, etc.) you will forward the call.

Please note that the menu items to be selected may vary slightly depending on the Android version installed on your smartphone only. However, the procedure is always quite similar and easy to do.

Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone

Even if you have an iPhone, you can safely turn off Voicemail in the settings. Click the gear icon to access the home page. Then scroll down until you find ‘Phone.’ On the open screen, you see and press ‘Divert calls.’

Normally it should be closed. However, if it’s enabled, by disabling the function, you also remove the forwarding of calls of any type and to any number, including Voicemail.

Why is the Voicemail Turn Off?

Although Voicemail is a valuable service, especially in the workplace, it allows you to leave a message in a meeting, on vacation, or where you cannot answer your phone. But it can often be a real nuisance.

An example is when you activated it after a few rings, for which we didn’t respond. Usually, you don’t see the call right away or have to call the phone. As soon as we pick up the phone and try to answer it, the Voicemail is immediately activated, and the call is forwarded to it.

In short, there’re many reasons and situations where the Voicemail is more of a nuisance than a helpful addition.

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