My Instagram Account Has Been Stolen; What Should I Do?


My Instagram Account Has Been Stolen; What Should I Do? If you’re asking, ‘my Instagram account has been stolen; what should I do?’ keep reading! You can’t even log in anymore because the cybercriminal who took over the profile changed your password. First of all, try to stay calm. Unfortunately, these can happen, but everything has a solution, and we’re here today to explain to you how to fix this problem.

The famous photographic social networking team has created a procedure to be used in situations like the one you’re in right now to enable legitimate users to get their hacked accounts back. The first and most important thing you will do is never panic.

Recovering A Hacked Instagram Account

If you have suffered the theft of your Instagram account due to a cyberattack, know that to regain possession of it, you will have to contact Instagram using the procedure provided in these cases. The system, at the moment, is only feasible from a smartphone. So let me explain how to recover a hacked Instagram account by putting it in place.

First, launch the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device. Tap the ‘forgot password’ link. Tap the link on the new located screen, and it opens immediately after the login form. Do you need further assistance? Which is situated at the bottom.

Enter the email with which you signed up or the contact email (if different) in the text fields at the top of the request assistance screen. Next, select the type of account you require assistance with by choosing one of the options listed in the first block to tap on the item.

The Instagram team will process your request for assistance and will contact you as soon as possible at the email address you provided. We’re guessing it could take a few days for Instagram to get a hold of you. Nevertheless, when your request is fulfilled, you should have no problems regaining ownership of your account with a simple procedure for verifying your identity.


My Instagram Account Has Been Stolen: Reset Password

Now that you have regained your sanity let’s see what you need to do to recover your hacked Instagram account. It would be best if you made precise moves as soon as possible.

The first attempt you can make to recover your hacked Instagram account is to reset your password. You can click on the ‘reset password’ option on the login page of the social network and follow all the subsequent procedures. It would be best to pretend to forget your access password and proceed with the famous password recovery.

Be careful, though. This recovery mode will only work if people do the hacking the profile with suspected experience. If the profile taker has changed their reference email (which is likely), this attempt will not work.

In either case, continue. Not all hackers are as experienced as you might think. If this recovery mode works, change your password immediately and choose a more secure password when you regain your Instagram account! Avoid using your date of birth and first or last name as a password; focus on something more challenging to guess and keep your password safe.

My Instagram Account Has Been Stolen: Full Profile Reset

Suppose the previous method doesn’t work (i.e., you don’t get an email to reset your password), and the hacker who got your profile changed the reference email address. All you need to do at this point is to contact the Instagram team. This is perhaps the most common case since hackers often change the reference email of the profile, first of all.

First, open the Instagram app on your smartphone. Now click on “ask for help signing in” and enter all requested data (don’t worry: your information is safe here).

Then continue to follow the entire procedure, depending on how many accounts you have on your device and the security settings you have chosen.

Recover Your Instagram Account From A Friend’s Profile

Another possible recovery method starts with accessing a friend or relative’s profile and clicking on the options item (the wheel in the upper right corner of the app). Now click on ‘help’ and ‘report a problem.’

Now, in the ‘something isn’t working’ section, you need to identify the problem, possibly add photos, then submit your report and wait for a response from the Instagram team. Don’t forget to leave an email where the Instagram team can contact you. The support team doesn’t respond immediately: it can usually take several days.

How To Avoid Hacking Your Instagram Account?

The best way to avoid hacking your Instagram account is to take precautions. Create tough passwords and make sure to turn on two-factor authentication. Don’t even give your login information to friends or people you trust because you will never be completely safe.

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