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Take Screen Recordings or Screenshots on Mac


You might need to save an image or what you’re viewing on your monitor for many reasons. Whether it’s a mistake sending it to the technician or an exciting image you want to send to a friend, there’s no need to pick up your phone and take a screenshot on the monitor.

There’re several quick ways to take all the screenshots you want on your Mac, and with the preview, you can edit them as you wish. Don’t you know what it’s? A screenshot is a snapshot of the screen you’re viewing on your computer. This article will look at easy ways to do this and the best times to use them.

3 Easy Ways to Capture Screen on Your Mac

Taking screenshots is easy. Many small programs allow you to do this. Still, on Mac, you don’t need to install additional software, as the system already provides this possibility and several ways to capture the screen.

Some exciting editing options let you do much more than just a screenshot. After the snapshot, you can crop it, add various text and shapes, resize the image or apply multiple effects. You can then keep it on your computer or send it to anyone you want. So, let’s see a detailed, easy-to-follow explanation of 3 ways to take a screenshot on your Mac.

1. Taking a Snapshot of the Mac Screen with the Keyboard

The fastest way to record the screen you’re viewing is a combination of ‘Command + Shift + 3’ keys. Since you can’t press all three simultaneously, you can press ‘Command’ and hold down ‘Shift’ and then ‘3,’ which works just fine.

The result of this key combination is a snapshot of what you currently see on the screen. Takes full screen, including top bar and document. If you want to exclude them, you have to crop the image.

1. Taking a Snapshot of the Mac Screen with the Keyboard

2. Capture Only Part of the Screen

The screenshot is very fast, but it captures everything that appears on the monitor. Then you have to manually pause and try to cut off what you don’t need.

What if we told you there was a way to avoid this useless work?

The solution exists and is as simple as the first, as it creates with a combination of three keys very similar to the previous one. To capture part of your Mac screen, you need:

  1. Press ‘Command, Shift, and 4’ on the Keyboard (you will see the mouse change to a plus sign)
  2. Click on one of the corners of the part of the screen you want to record and hold down the mouse button
  3. Drag the slider until a rectangle forms to cover the area you want to save as an image.
  4. Release the mouse button, and your Mac will automatically take a snapshot of the picture you’ve outlined. If your starting point is wrong, press the ESC key to avoid creating unnecessary images, and you will cancel the process.

2. Capture Only Part of the Screen

3. Screenshot Program

For those not comfortable with the previous two methods, using the pre-installed app available on macOS may be easier. Again, there is no program to install, but the feature is already available on your computer.

Its name is a, and you can effortlessly search it with Spotlight Search activated with Siri or ‘Command + Space’ keys. When you open the app, you will highlight part of the screen and can adapt the area to the amount you want to photograph.

The most significant advantage of this app is the advanced functions it allows for capturing and, above all, screen recording if you need to film what you’re doing. You can also turn up the microphone to have sound in the movie to explain the steps you followed.

Note that the screen movie is set automatically, and the ‘Save’ button will be ready when you select one of the first three icons dedicated to the screenshot, the button changes to capture. Screenshot Program

Where Can You Find the Saved Image?

After seeing these features, you will understand that they’re instrumental. With it, you can save all the content and images you come across online to always have it at hand.

Typically, each screenshot saves to the desktop. That’s why we recommend that you don’t do many of them in a row and, above all, arrange them in folders on your hard drive so that the home screen doesn’t become clogged.

Note that it will take a few minutes to see the saved photo if you have a recent version of macOS. The photo’s thumbnail will be visible in the monitor’s lower right corner for a few seconds. It will be clickable and open in preview with the possibility of modifying. If you don’t want to do any retouching, it will automatically save to your desktop after a few seconds.

Edit Image After Taking Screenshot

You can edit the photo you take a screenshot with many programs, but among the innovations in the new macOS, a handy function has add that facilitates and speeds up the whole process.

If you keep your Mac up to date or have a relatively recent operating system, you can edit the image immediately without searching. As soon as you take a screenshot with one of the methods we showed you, the image will appear at the bottom. It stays there for a few seconds before saving.

If you click on it, it will open with the preview application, allowing you to edit it with all the classic tools of this program. Save after cutting and adding text, shapes, or various effects. It will automatically place on the table.

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