3 Simple Ways to Unblock YouTube


Unblock YouTube is the world’s largest platform for publishing videos. With millions of hours of footage streamed every day, there is more video on the site than you’ll ever watch in a lifetime.

Unfortunately, YouTube can be disappointing at times. Despite its large library, not all videos are available everywhere and at all times.

If you are trying to open a YouTube video and you realize that it is not available, there could be many reasons behind it. This may be due to your country’s restrictions, your office network’s settings, or simply due to technical difficulties.

Whatever the cause, there are many different ways to solve this problem. Below we explain 10 different ways to unblock YouTube.

Some Offices and Schools Restrict YouTube Videos

In schools and university areas, YouTube may be blocked. This is to avoid distractions: schools don’t want students watching YouTube videos in class.

This blocking can seem annoying when you want to show your friend a clip or watch the video with the description.

At the same time, offices with large numbers of employees tend to block social media sites and restrict access to increase efficiency. While some content on YouTube may not be suitable for work, music and other content can be useful for jobs sitting at the desk all day.

These YouTube restrictions, after all, can be frustrating, but the good news is, that these network restrictions can be really easily circumvented.

Some Countries Also UnBlock YouTube

YouTube is always under pressure from different governments to remove some “inappropriate” content from their libraries. Due to these restrictions, not all YouTube videos are available everywhere.

If a certain government blocks YouTube because of a single video, YouTube usually limits access to that particular video in order to restart its services there.

And there are some countries (like China, North Korea, and Iran) that completely block YouTube. Other countries (Russia, Pakistan, and Turkey) have blocked YouTube for a short period of time in the past, usually during a period of political upheaval or elections. (If you’re looking at how to unblock YouTube in China, we show you how in this article.)

YouTube blocking in countries is more difficult than blocking on the office or school network, but both can be done in some really simple ways.

10 Easy Ways to Unblock YouTube

1. Using a VPN

This is probably the most reliable way to unblock YouTube, whether you’re in restricted countries or just in strict bureaus. However, while there are plenty of VPNs on the market (and some are free), not all of them are enough. When looking for a VPN to unblock YouTube, you should look for these qualities:

Unblocking YouTube videos from all over the world.
Anonymizing and encrypting your traffic. This will protect you from corporate and government oversight.
It offers high-speed connections that allow you to watch HD YouTube videos without any lag.

How to use VPN to unblock YouTube?

  • Connect to your VPN.
  • Choose a server near your location.
  • Once connected, go to YouTube. You can watch videos on YouTube without restrictions.

2. Add S to Your HTTP Connection

This is a simple trick and usually works when you want to access YouTube from your school or university. Most school networks block social media sites, including groups of websites, by manually entering URLs into web tracking programs that allow blocking individual addresses.

Normally, a school or university network administrator will list websites using “http://” when listing URLs to their blocked list.

To bypass blocked website restrictions, you can use “https://” instead of “http://”. If your school’s network administrator has manually entered the website URLs, this will greatly increase your chances of being able to unblock YouTube by cheating.

3. Use a Proxy Website to Unblock YouTube

Search online and you can find many YouTube proxy websites. This helps you to open restricted YouTube videos.

A proxy is a private server and your traffic goes through this server when you connect to it. If you’re at a school or a government building, this can be useful by basically changing your location. You can easily change your proxy to connect to a nearby server that circumvents these restrictions.

However, the proxy does not encrypt your traffic. So if you’re watching YouTube on the school network, network administrators can monitor your activities and block that proxy.

It is not just the school network administrator that monitors your activities. If you access YouTube from home, your ISP can also monitor all your activities.

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