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What Are the Risks of Using a VPN Service?


VPN service. One of the most preferred methods when connecting to the internet lately is using a VPN. However, such a connection carries various risks for users. This article focused on VPN security and the risks associated with VPN use.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a communication channel that enables two computers far away from each other to establish secure and encrypted communication and makes data sharing more secure. It has been trendy lately. 

However, the use of VPN also contains elements that will endanger users’ personal data and files. For this reason, we have compiled a review of VPN security and the risks associated with VPN use.

Previously, companies generally used VPNs to allow their employees to work from different locations and at any time and connect to the company’s local network, and access related common areas and files. Of course, individual users, especially those related to the internet who actively use public WiFi and are aware of its potential dangers, also benefited from VPN service.

VPN Service

Today, working from home and remotely, which has become increasingly widespread, especially with the pandemic conditions, now makes the use of VPN a daily necessity. However, many VPN service providers in the market have different prices and different service packages.

If you want to learn how to choose the best VPN that fits your needs, you should do extensive research and analyze the risks and benefits. It is possible to define a VPN service as a service that provides information privacy, secure communication, encrypted identity, and IP address hiding features for corporate and individual users. 

So why is it still optional to use these services that offer so many features? Is using a VPN risky? If so, what are the risks of using a VPN?

Yes, as with every service on the internet, the VPN service has its risks and security vulnerabilities that vary based on company and provider. Now let’s examine what these are in a few articles.

Free VPN Service and Security Risks

Even when you do a short research on the internet about VPN types and companies, you will see many free VPN options. But can it be this easy and perfect to get this service? Actually no. As long as a service is offered to you, that company will need financing to provide that service. 

Many companies can generate income from services provided free of charge. Knowing how companies that provide free VPN services generate revenue and trusting them will be essential in choosing a VPN. The first option is ads.

Free VPN Service and Security Risks
Image Source: Canva

However, methods such as processing, sharing, and distributing the personal data obtained with third parties are unfortunately also used to generate income. 

For this reason, before making a quick decision if you will use a free VPN, you should examine the references, awareness of the relevant company, and the comments of customers who have used this service before. Otherwise, a tool you use for security may present you with a security vulnerability.

Free VPN and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology Issue

Another method used by free VPN companies to reduce their costs is compromising the quality and capacity of the service’s infrastructure. For this, let’s first start by explaining the P2P technology. 

One of the critical risks of free VPN is that all devices have equal communication opportunities in the network management system used. In other words, when your device is included in this network, it can act as both a client and a server. Because these services do not have a central server infrastructure, and for this reason, your computer exists in the system both as a user and as a server without you being aware of it. 

In other words, you are not only an external user using this service but also an operator within the VPN network. The risk here is making your computer an obvious target for this process. Criminals or malicious hackers who know how this system works can use your computer for illegal transactions or hide their identities without you knowing it.

Information Sharing with VPN Companies

Although the VPN tells you that it is a private virtual network due to its name, it does not change that you are sharing all your information with your service provider. If these companies have a high level of access to your machines, the VPN company you receive service from can see your data and movements. 

Information Sharing with VPN Companies
Image Source: Canva

To minimize the risks of using a VPN, you need to trust the company you work for and its business ethics. Remember that just seeing your information may seem harmless at first, but getting that information into the wrong hands can have different consequences.

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