What to Do If the Computer Restarts for No Reason? (Solved)


Our computer restarts decided to restart in the middle of a game or a busy work session. Why did this happen? If our computer restarts, perhaps after a few hours of work or during intense gaming sessions, there could be several reasons. The most common and well-known for this type of behavior is overheating. It isn’t the only one, but the most common.

Modern PCs have many automatic defense protocols, one of which is protection against overheating. When a certain temperature threshold exceeds, factors such as ‘Thermal Throttling’ come into play, gradually reducing the processor’s frequencies and consumption to support the return to lower and manageable temperature thresholds. Alternatively, the PC may suddenly shut down or restart because it has reached a critical point and cannot return.

Why is the Computer Constantly Resetting? Computer Restarts?

In general, if your computer keeps restarting, one or more of the following problems may have occurred:

  • Faulty memory: In most cases, constant rebooting issues cause by defective RAM modules. Unbranded RAM modules have particularly minor flaws that cause the computer restarts to malfunction. RAM modules can test with ‘Memtest86.’ Analyzing Memtest results is easy. The RAM module should be healthy if the splash screen remains the same after at least one complete pass. The RAM module is faulty if you add a line to the display.
  • Hardware conflict: First, try updating your PC drivers by downloading the latest versions from manufacturers’ sites. If the problem persists, it may be helpful to restart the computer with minimal devices. Then remove the CD drive, modem, printers, and external HDDs. Turn off devices one by one until you detect the problem again.
  • CPU overheating: Check the CPU temperature and install a more powerful fan if it’s too high. You can use a program included with some motherboards or software like Everest or SpeedFan to control the CPU temperature.
  • Defective power supply: This cause cannot check without specific equipment. The solution is to replace the power supply with a more powerful one, hoping it will fix the problem, or you should have it checked by a professional.
  • Software conflict: You need to remember when the problem started and what software or drivers were installed before the problem started.
  • Faulty hardware: Fully check the computer restarts. You can also try replacing components such as the motherboard, processor, video card, and sound card.
  • BIOS: Ensure the RAM frequency is good and the delay is set to the original configuration. You can also update the BIOS. But first, visit the motherboard manufacturer’s website. Don’t forget to backup the current BIOS.
  • Virus: Apart from the problems caused by the computer itself and its components, it’s clear that viruses also have an effect. These can be a significant cause of constant rebooting. If so, many viruses and their variants can cause such problems, including the famous Sasser and Blaster. We will not discuss how to remove viruses here; you can Google all links for different patches and fixes and steps to remove them.

What is Protection? Why Does It Occur?

Protection is an automatic defense protocol that all computers have, whether desktop, all-in-one, or portable. This consists of shutting down or restarting the computer restarts to prevent damage to the hardware components of our computer. It occurs in all situations during work or gaming sessions when our computer reaches a critical temperature and cannot reshape temperatures, consumption, and frequencies over time.

While annoying, as the name suggests, protection is necessary to prevent permanent damage to PC components.

Solutions to Prevent Protection from Activation

One tool that can come to our aid in this situation is software that monitors the temperature of our processor (CPU). The best post is ‘HWInfo64,’ a free program that allows us to access as much information as possible about the functioning of our computer restarts. It starts with common data such as the temperatures of the video card and CPU sensors to move on to the individual voltages, consumption, and much more of each hardware component.

HWInfo64, first of all, allows us to know the operating temperatures of our computer. New versions also have an indicator that explains the function of the sensor we consulted in real-time by hovering the mouse over it.

If your PC has very high temperatures, you can start cleaning it. Excessive dust accumulation and other microscopic objects can obstruct inlet and outlet airflow, act as a gag, and increase temperatures. Replacing the thermal paste, removing dust from the fans with the filter, and improving the condition of the fans can play a decisive role in bringing temperatures back to normal. Above all, when it comes to laptops, cleaning the air inlet and outlet parts is vital, as heat tends to rise much more violently.

What should You Do If the Problem Continues?

If the problem persists, or if the computer restarts even a few minutes after turning it on, or if there’re no problems with the temperature, this is most likely a software issue. To determine this, you need to disable the automatic restart option.

If the Windows Update attempt fails, identify the problem by disabling the Windows 10 automatic restart option. Many hardware drivers or operating system errors cause a specific error message on the computer restarts before it crashes or shuts down.

How to Disable Automatic Restart of Windows 10?

To disable the automatic computer restart of Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Windows 10 ‘System Properties’ window
  2. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab
  3. Click ‘Settings’ in the ‘Startup and Recovery’ section
  4. In the window that appears, uncheck automatically restain the system error section.
  5. Click ‘Ok’
  6. Restart the computer to apply the changes

This way, the computer restarts will no longer automatically reboot when an error occurs, but instead, you will display a blue screen with helpful information to identify the error.

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Update: 25.09.2022
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