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Best All-in-One (AIO) PC: Buying Guide


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best All-in-One PC for your desk. AIO PCs are a great way to save space and save money as you don’t have to buy computer monitors and various peripherals separately. For this reason, it’s a type of computer that is becoming and more popular. There was almost only one Apple iMac in the past, but today, many manufacturers have launched exciting models in every price range.

Today, we will examine this type of computer in detail and compare the best AIO PCs for different needs to help you quickly find the one that best suits your needs.

What is AIO PC?

Let’s see what you need to know about these models before starting the list of the best models of the AIO PC.

It’s a stationary computer in which the components of the PC and the display combine in a single device. At first glance, it may look like a simple monitor, maybe a little thicker, but there is much more behind it. The computer is attached to the back of the screen, and you don’t have a separate box for it.

An important thing to know is that these types of computers almost always come with laptop hardware to save space. Processors, video cards and the like are much more compact and have much lower power consumption. However, they don’t perform as well as the desktop.

This is why an All-in-One can never run games or heavy programs like a desktop PC in the same price range or similar components.

However, for those looking for a simply beautiful computer with little space and a clean design to fit any desk while at the same time running all the programs used in everyday life, the All-in-One models are one of the fairer choices.

Best All-in-One PCs

Looking for a model for home or business but don’t know which one to buy and how much to spend? The choice is challenging when it comes to All-in-One PCs. Because to be All-in-One, you need to find the right compromise between specs, display, and price.

That’s precisely why we’ve created a ranking of the best computers that can meet the needs of different types of users and also grouped them by price range. We will see the main features, pros, and cons that you should keep in mind if you want to choose it.

Here are the best All-in-Ones of 2022:

Apple iMac 24

Apple presented the new iMac with a 24″ screen and a completely redesigned design to a great surprise. This All-in-One is genuinely a tech gem that can really surprise anyone in every way, and it’s definitely the best Mac you can buy.

The shapes and also the colors change entirely. The new iMac is available in a different color and features the revolutionary Apple M1 chip we’ve seen in the MacBook Air and Pro before. Unless you need it for web browsing and document drafting, we don’t recommend purchasing the cheaper version.

In short, it’s a computer that is suitable for every need from home to professional use, and no matter how high the price is, it is truly a deserved computer!

Apple iMac 24

MSI Pro 24X

MSI is also entering the world of All-in-One computing with different models. They’re the most recommended among all products of the Pro 24X series, as they combine style and elegance with excellent performance. It’s no accident that someone calls it the main competitor of the iMac.

This is a computer with Intel Core U series processors that aren’t very powerful but consume very little power. The operating system is Windows (or Linux), and it’s swift, or responsive to commands.

A feature of MSI is that you can replace the memory yourself, and this also applies to the Pro 24X, where there is easy access to the hard drive bay, which you can upgrade to a more powerful SSD in minutes.

MSI Pro 24X

Acer Aspire C24

If the price drops slightly, you’ll always find this beautiful Acer All-in-One PC with a 24″ screen but no touchscreen. Besides the elegance and thinness of this model, you should pay attention to the minimal bezels of only 3.7 mm. The V-shaped stand is very stable, and the monitor tilt can be adjusted for maximum comfort while working.

A dedicated video card and some RAM can be insufficient for performance. But the processor has an always good 10th generation Intel Core i3. Note that this model has an incredible 256GB SSD.

Acer Aspire C24

HP All-in-One 24

The size of the screen also directly affects the price. If you need a 24″ PC for less than €1000, you can get a good PC for home and office like this HP. Aesthetically it’s pretty neutral and would look good on any desk, notice the skinny bezels on the sides that make it even more compact.

With this computer, you can easily do all the basic operations needed in an office or at home, and you can run Photoshop and similar heavier programs without much hassle. Gaming is also severely limited because the GPU can’t handle most new games.

HP All in One 24

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