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Polk Audio Buckle Review


I recently bought Polk Audio Buckle headphones for review. This model comes with a high price tag. Yet, it was well worth the money, especially considering its outstanding audio performance and features. We examined four areas of Polk audio buckle headphone performance. Out-of-the-box performance, design, comfort, and sound performance. Below, we summarize our findings. We hope you enjoy this review and find the perfect headset for you.

Polk Audio Buckle Headphones

Polk Audio Buckle – Out of the box

The Polk Audio Buckle is comfortable, well-built headphones. They have a high-end look and feel and sound dark and bass-heavy. While not the most portable headphones, they are comfortable for many users. The only downside is that they don’t block much noise. The noise they stop does not come through, but it is minimal. The Buckle doesn’t leak at high volumes, so you won’t have to worry about it.

These headphones aren’t the best choice for those looking for a pair of headphones that offer excellent bass. While Beats headphones tend to be focused on upper frequencies, the Buckle digs deep into the bass. Its complete yet rigid response helps to give hip-hop tracks extra gravitas. You’ll be pleased with the Buckle’s sound. But you can’t expect it to replace your beats.

Out of the box

The bass and treble of the Polk Audio Buckle are pretty good, although the bass range is susceptible to head shape and positioning preferences. So, the treble range deviates from the sonic signature, but it’s still within acceptable limits. The mid-range is good, with a decent balance between bass and high frequencies. The high-frequency range is pretty flat, but three decibels stress the low-midrange. Omit, the Buckle is punchy and well balanced, but this is a minor flaw that you’re unlikely to notice unless you’re listening to a mixed album.

The Polk Audio Buckle is an over-ear headphone, part of the Heritage Collection. The Buckle has a compact design for over-ear headphones. It doesn’t fold either, making it cumbersome to take with you. Despite its size and quality, this headphone has plenty of downsides. It’s hard to find an ideal pair for your needs. You’ll want to consider other options before making a final decision.

A good pair of headphones will be an excellent addition to your listening experience. And the more expensive ones can’t compete with the quality of a couple of headphones. They should cost about $89.85, but this is not an inexpensive option. Yet, they’re an excellent choice for better sound quality and a comfortable fit. So, if you’re on a budget, the Buckle is a great option.

Polk Audio Buckle – Features and design

Polk Audio Buckle headphones have a built-in microphone and a control dial for iOS devices. The dial can change the playback volume, answer calls, and scroll through songs. The headphones also come with a 2.5mm headphone cable jack. Yet, they may not be suitable for people who like to play sports or are very active. Buckle headphones are an excellent buy for the casual listener despite these flaws.

The bass response of the Buckle is rich with a deep punch. The middle parts of the earcups are particularly prominent. There is a slightly forward sound in the midrange. Buckle also stands out when playing Andrea Roma’s “Sorority Sisters.” The earphones produced a wide-ranging sound that was clear and surrounded by detail. Yet, while mid-range performance is excellent, the bass is too far-fetched.

Although heavy, the Buckle earphones have good padding on the bottoms for comfort. The headband can be stretched over a wide range, but this is not enough to prevent head pressure. But, the Buckle headphones sit on the side of the head and are comfortable for long listening sessions. The ear cups are padded but not enough to provide long-term comfort.

Buckled earcups are made of lightweight aluminum. It has plush over-ear pads that hug the ears and cut outside noise. They come with a three-button rocker switch that lets you mute the microphone. You can also control the volume without having to remove the microphone. Buckle offers legendary sound and unique acoustics thanks to its 40 mm drivers. The Dynamic Balance design process delivers the headphones’ flawless audio performance. To achieve this, it eliminates pre-production driver resonances.

While comfortable, Polk Audio Buckle headphones are not ideal for traveling in noisy environments. It is quieter at higher volume levels. Despite being very pleased, the noise-canceling feature of these headphones is mediocre. It does not make them suitable for the most demanding tasks. They’re not designed for critical listening, but they outperform most other gaming headsets. The only downside is that they are not portable and do not block noise well.

Polk Audio Buckle – Comfort

The Buckle is a pair of over-ear headphones from Polk Audio earbuds. They are part of their Heritage Collection, which focuses on rustic style. The headphones come in muted colors and feature a thick matte-finish metal. Those who want an over-ear headphone that’s stylish and functional should consider the Buckle. This pair is a perfect example of a high-quality product. But what’s so great about the Buckle?

The sound is dark and bass-heavy, and they look and feel high-end. While they are not portable, they are comfortable for office use. Their stiff design makes them inconvenient to carry around. While they don’t block much noise, they leak at higher volumes. For the price, the Buckle isn’t the best option for people who spend a lot of time in a noisy environment.

Another disadvantage of the Buckle is that they’re not practical for sportspeople. While they’re pretty small for an over-ear design, they don’t fold up. They don’t fit in pockets or purses. Besides, they aren’t particularly convenient to carry around, either. So if you’re an avid sportsman, you may want to sell another pair of headphones. Regardless, the Buckle is an excellent option for those who enjoy high-quality sound at a low price.

Another reason the Buckle is such a great option is its premium aesthetic. The faux leather headband and thick padding in the ear cups create a tight seal. The headband is brown leather paired with a soft off-white leather underlay. The drivers are located on the bottom of the ear cups and are attached to bronze-ish metal pieces through a ball joint. Unlike some other headphones, they can be swiveled into a comfortable position.

Polk Audio Buckle – Audio performance

Polk Audio Buckle headphones are part of the brand’s Heritage Collection and are available in two color options: brown and black. Buckle Brown has bronze and off-white highlights, while Buckle Black is silver. Both have a rustic and semi-classical look apart from other contemporary appliances. You’ll like Buckle’s audio performance if you’re a fan of classic design.

The performance of the buckle iBucklellent. While they can’t compete with Beats headphones when it comes to bass, they have a distinct advantage over the latter. This headphone digs deep into the bass and handles the lower frequencies with a firm but complete response. It adds some weight to hip-hop tracks. If you’re a fan of classical music and love a specific sound, Buckle’sBuckle’sched voice may be ideal for you.

The frequency response of the buckle iBuckleed like a typical headphone design. After listening to a static 78 dB tone, the speaker raises the sub-bass to eighty-two decibels. It underlines the low midrange and low treble bass tones. At 4kHz, yet, the speaker’s bass response drops to five decibels. It provides a more detailed, instrument-specific sound.

Part of the Heritage Collection, the Buckle is an on-buckle phone with a single detachable cable. The gold-plated 3.5mm precision-machined connector is safer when connected to a source. The lightweight aluminum headband and ergonomic design ensure a secure fit. Plush on-ear pads nourish the ears and reduce the influence of outside noise. The Buckle has an intBuckled microphone and a three-button rocker switch. Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning (POET) delivers the classic Polk sound in one earpiece.


The Polk Audio Buckle has gained many uses for its comfortable cat-specific style. If you are looking for a mid-level headset, the Buckle is for you. You might think their MSRPs are overpriced. Polk Audio’s Buckle is everyone’s favorite in significant markets. It’s great that it’s low cost and the performance can be this great.


  • Built-in iOS control
  • Rich, well-defined midrange
  • Powerful, distortion-free sound
  • Great value


  • Imaging a little murky toward the center
  • Lack of presence/excitement in treble

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