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The Best Fiber Optic Modem Router and Strong WiFi!


Have you finally installed fiber in the house and now need a powerful modem to create a stable network in any room, even if it is far from the device? Or have you just chosen a subscription with no device included and are now looking for the best fiber optic modem router with WiFi to access from any device?

Choosing a device is essential if you want a fast network and to get the most out of your provider’s connection.

When you aren’t very well-versed in computer science, you may have many doubts about which modem is better to choose and whether it is suitable for the fiber it installs into your home. If this is your case and you have such doubts, don’t worry!

In this article, we’ll tell you about the best fiber optic modem routers, show you which ones are the best you can buy (at the right price), and give you tips to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Therefore, take a few moments and read the following with some patience. You will find that there is nothing complicated about finding a suitable device, and we’re confident that you will be able to select it within seconds after the reading is complete.

The Best Fiber Modems of 2022

While most fixed internet contracts today lend the device for use or rental, this is still an additional cost that doesn’t always make sense to pay. If you have chosen an offer for home fiber optic but don’t want the operator modem because it is too expensive or not good enough, you can get the one that suits your needs.

There’re many models on the market today that allow you to surf with breakneck speeds and excellent WiFi network coverage at much better prices than what phone companies usually offer for their devices.

Here are the best fiber optic modems of 2022:

AVM FRITZ! Box 7590

Despite being little known, AVM is one of the top router manufacturers in every price range. But Fritz! The box is a best-in-class fiber modem with excellent performance and is the modem we recommend most for those with FTTH fiber.

Let’s start by saying that the compatibility is broad and can be self-installed in a few seconds in TIM. The AVM guarantees quality: In Aruba fiber offerings that don’t include a modem, what can rent is a Fritz! It’s no coincidence that it’s a box.

It supports both conventional ADSL and 300 mbit/s VDSL. In short, it’s a best-in-class product (you can guess from the price), but it’s worth every penny if you need comprehensive coverage and a stable and fast network in multiple homes.

Finally, several additional functions can be handy, including USB 3.0 support for the NAS, with which you can share music, videos, and images with anyone connected to the home network.

AVM FRITZ Box 7590


If you’re a video game enthusiast, the stability and speed of your internet connection will be crucial; you can’t afford to lose in the middle of the action because of the delay.

If you’ve installed FTTH fiber and want to get the most out of it for uninterrupted gaming, ASUS AC88U is probably your best bet. This is again a top-of-the-range product with not only four powerful antennas but also excellent coverage and performance, thanks to NitroQAM technology. While the speed can reach up to 900 mbps with DSL networks, it reaches 3167 mbps when combined.

Its drop-in connectivity flexibility can also be used as a VPN server and enjoy multi-connection benefits, including 4G LTE (with a compatible dongle) to ensure you’re never offline.


TP-Link VX220-G2v

If you’re looking for a good product with good speed at a reasonable price, this TP-Link will be great. Thanks to Super VDSL, downstream has increased to 350 mbps, and WiFi 6.5 reaches 1201 mbps on the 5 GHz band and 300 mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. Also, connections are smooth and stable without interference from other networks, thanks to BSS Coloring technology.

Thanks to its low latency, TP-Link is good for gaming, downloading, and streaming music and movies. But not fast enough for higher performance 4K.

In short, for what you pay, you’ll have a product that doesn’t have many pretensions but is still good enough to handle all home users and cover a medium-sized apartment.

TP Link VX220 G2v

Linksys MX4200

If you have an old modem that isn’t very powerful, you can add a network router or a WiFi extender to it instead of buying a new one. The most professional router of this type is Linksys, which lets you get the most out of your fiber no matter its speed.

The MX4200 uses a tri-band configuration and WiFi 6 technology that gives you access to up to 4.2 Gbps of connectivity. This speed lets you play lag-free and stream in UHD, which few models can handle.

Linksys MX4200


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