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The Best Wireless Mouse with Bluetooth for PC


You don’t like having cables that limit your creativity, and you want a device that follows your hand precisely while you work, is comfortable for navigation, is fast on the battlefield, and is responsive.

This article will select the best wireless and Bluetooth mouse for productivity, gaming, and web surfing for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The choice isn’t limited to technologies; some devices include both. We haven’t only compiled a list of the best wireless and Bluetooth mouse on the market for you. But you will also find a few tips on how to choose and what parameters to evaluate to help you find the device that best suits you and your needs.

How Does a Wireless Mouse Work?

How can commands reach the computer without going through the cable? Today, technology allows various devices to communicate with each other without being physically connected but using different wireless technologies. Before we see which are the best wireless mouse, let’s see how these devices work. Pointers can use two communication systems in particular:

  1. Wireless mouse use a proprietary USB dongle supplied by the manufacturer with the mouse, which uses a 2.4ghz communication protocol for a shorter click response time than Bluetooth. The click response time is comparable to its wired counterpart, generally the same, and there is no lag. It’s the best choice for gamers and those who want a versatile mouse without sacrificing anything.
  2. On the other hand, Bluetooth mouse is often chosen for their versatility in the workplace, quickly connecting and associating with all these devices that contain the same Bluetooth technology.

These devices allow you to switch between devices in the office almost instantly by switching profiles with a simple click.

Best Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse

The need for portability has grown in recent years, and the largest PC component companies have begun to expand their offerings by creating wireless pointing devices and keyboards that cover all aspects of today.

Simple and elegant designs, aggressive curves that make you stand out in and out of the game, and budget-friendly minimal lines. These are all the characteristics of the models we have compared, which we have selected for you to facilitate your search. Here are the best wireless mouse of 2022:

Logitech MX Master 3

It is one of the best wireless and Bluetooth office mouse. Your colleagues will be happy to be with you, making light and sensitive clicks without disturbing those around you. It will enrich your workplace and present your work to your customers stylishly at meetings.

Logitech MX Master 3 knows how to follow the movement of your hand, and it is a wireless mouse designed for maximum ergonomics and dedicated to right-handed users. With a weight of 141 grams, it guarantees a smooth gliding along the work surface without any inaccuracies and can follow the movement even on glass surfaces.

Logitech MX Master 3

Apple Magic Mouse 2

It is a buttonless wireless mouse that uses touch gestures to manage your workspace, using an inevitable function in the macOS ecosystem. Multi-touch is the hallmark of PC owners, making it unique in the input device environment.

With this lightweight, pocket-sized wireless mouse, you can easily switch between different Apple devices without forgetting any movement and without losing a second, and you can continue your work without interruption. Multi-touch and gestures combine for all macOS-compatible devices; once you learn them, you will never forget them.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Razer Atheris

The Atheris is one of the best budget wireless mice that isn’t geared towards gaming. Razer has always distinguished itself as one of the leading gaming-focused companies entering the office. We offer you very low price wireless and Bluetooth travel mouse optimized for office and multimedia use.

The Razer Atheris is compact, one of the smallest in its class, with no bulk, no power supply, and no charging cable for carrying. 2 AA batteries power it, and when the charge runs out, you don’t have to rush to find a power outlet with a transformer and wire in hand to replace the batteries.

Razer Atheris

Microsoft Modern Mouse

If it looks like it reminds you of the apple mouse, it costs a third and is an incredible value for money. An easy-to-configure wireless and Bluetooth mouse with wide availability in various colors and claims of 12 months battery life!

Windows Swift Pair support them. This will make it quick and easy to pair with any device compatible with Windows Swift Pair. Note that this also requires Windows 10 from version 1803 onwards.

This wireless mouse is also configurable with the Mouse and Keyboard Center app, which gives you access to various configurations, including changing the behavior of individual keys depending on the application used. It is also possible to increase or decrease the wheel’s scroll speed and reverse its vertical axis.

Microsoft Modern Mouse

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