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The Best 17″ Laptops for Work and Game


Your old computer has abandoned you, and you’re looking for a new laptop. But you want to have a big screen to enjoy every game and movie more or have enough room not to strain your eyes to work and focus. Today, we will show you the best 17-inch notebooks that might be right for you.

Having a 17″ screen laptop means it isn’t very portable. But there’re many situations where you can’t compromise, and the 15″ models are too small. We’ve created a guide for laptops in this range that are worth considering for your future purchases.

The Best 17″ Laptops for Every Need

As we mentioned before, 17″ notebooks aren’t made for the audience that usually prefers 13″ or 15″. These are much more compact, lightweight, and portable. But those who work in graphics, planning, cad, design, or those who work with programs to draw floor plans, wiring diagrams, and the like, need a screen as large as possible.

The same is true for those who love games, willing to sacrifice lightness and portability to play on a larger screen, making the most of their laptop’s potential and graphic effects. Whatever your reason for choosing a laptop in this series, you will find the most successful brands and models below. Here are the best 17″ laptops of 2022:

MSI GP76 Leopard

MSI’s new GP76 Leopard notebook series is a real bombshell aimed at conquering the market and has all the powers to do so. It is an innovative laptop with unique features, made with premium materials and construction. For example, the case is made of metal, making it the most authoritarian MSI model ever. In addition, there is a one-handed opening design; there’re many other small or large tricks to make it more convenient and durable.

Let’s start with the screen, which isn’t only huge but also magnificent, moving on to technical analysis. It has an IPS display with a 240Hz refresh rate. Speed ​​and responsiveness are unmatched. Images are vibrant in color, and videos are smoother than ever before.

A 30 series RTX graphics card is a sight to play with, but it’s also a wink to engineering designers and media creators who need superior graphics performance.

Finally, we should note that MSIs are among the few notebooks that allow the user to upgrade the RAM and SSD independently, thanks to two slots for each, even under warranty.

MSI GP76 Leopard

LG Gram

A rather revolutionary model is the LG Gram, which aims to make 17″ notebooks more portable, not just for office use. The manufacturer created this computer by reducing the weight as much as possible to make it reasonably easy to carry. The result is a computer with a large screen but weighing only 1,35 kg.

However, despite its lightweight, it is a genuinely durable notebook. It equips with the latest generation processors. LG gram is a computer designed to work on the go, not in a fixed place. Therefore, the firm made various concessions in performance. But you gain a lot in portability and up to 15 hours of autonomy.

LG Gram

HP- PC Envy 17

We said that 17″ laptops aren’t made for home use and usually aim at a particular user. This is by no means the case with the HP Envy! In all respects, even almost, it’s a great notebook. The first surprising factor is the price, which is among the lowest.

You can’t expect very high performance as a reasonably cheap laptop. But, surprisingly, 11th generation Intel Cores install, which certainly offer a very high computing speed, and 8 GB of RAM is sufficient for all operations.

Thanks to its skinny Micro-Edge bezels, although this notebook has a 17″ screen, it is pretty compact and weighs 2,08 kg, so it isn’t that difficult to carry around.

HP PC Envy 17

Lenovo Thinkpad P17

One of the first names that come to mind for business computers is the ThinkPad, a line of laptops and desktops dedicated to professionals. The P17 is one of the first models with a large screen produced by Lenovo. It is designed for Cad designers and is one of the most potent models produced by this brand.

You understand this from the video card, an improved storage unit with a capacity of up to 4T, and a new model to achieve enhanced performance, NVida Quadro RTX.

Despite being a laptop, the Lenovo Thinkpad P17 has performance comparable to that of a desktop, thanks to the most powerful processors in the Intel Xeon series and lots of RAM.

However, one of the most prominent features is the screen. The 17-inch screen fitted to this model is gorgeous with its UltraHD 3840 x 2160 resolution. The refresh rate isn’t as high as MSI’s, but we remind you that this is a computer for work, not gaming.

There is also a backlit keyboard and fingerprint sensor, as expected from a high-end PC.

Lenovo Thinkpad P17

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