3 Point Slinger for Camera: Best models for 2022


When choosing a 3 point slinger for camera, there are a few crucial factors to consider. You want one that’s water resistant and features a cradle to hold your camera. You also wish for one made of durable material, such as ripstop nylon or bombproof webbing. Additionally, your 3-point slinger should fit your body type and not interfere with your camera bag.

What is the Best 3-Point Slinger for Camera?

A 3-point slinger is a very versatile accessory for your camera. It allows you to change the angle of your photo without adjusting the tripod or camera. You can get an expensive slinger or a cheap one for a compact camera. When buying a slinger, you should consider the size and weight of your camera. More significantly, heavier cameras will need a heavier slinger.

If you have never used a 3-point slinger before, it might be better to get a less expensive model that you can use several times before spending more money on it. You should also choose a lightweight one that you can fold and store when not in use.

A 3-point slinger can help you hold your camera in any direction without slipping. It is handy if you want to take pictures that are as natural as possible. You can also sell a camera slinger explicitly designed for your camera. Using a slinger, you can avoid frequent camera mistakes and focus on the subject.

An ergonomic camera slinger is made with a padded shoulder pad for comfort and safety. It has ample room for a DSLR, compact, or mirrorless camera. It also features an internal and external mesh pocket to keep your camera, lens, and other photography accessories.

1. 3 point slinger for Camera – PiuQ

PiuQ Professional Quick Release Camera Strap
PiuQ Professional Quick Release Camera Strap


A quick-release camera strap is an accessory that allows you to attach and detach your camera with ease quickly. These straps are ideal for fast-action shots. These straps are made of durable materials and are often made from leather or neoprene. They also come in a variety of sizes.

The straps are adjustable and work with most DSLR cameras. They also allow for a better grip on the camera while shooting. They’re also surprisingly affordable, costing under $10. This strap may be the right fit if you’re on a tight budget. It’s compatible with any camera with a 1/4″ tripod screw mount.

PiuQ’s straps attach to the tripod screw on the bottom of your camera. They come with a rubber base to protect the camera from scratches. The straps are adjustable up to 21.5″ (55 cm). They come with a padded shoulder strap, an under-arm strap, and a locking mechanism that allows you to lock them in place.

This camera strap is exceptionally comfortable and adjustable. The dual adjusters allow you to adjust the length instantly. This strap is perfect for both smaller mirrorless cameras and larger DSLR cameras. The belt also comes with a base mount.

2. 3 point slinger for Camera – Ocim

Ocim Camera Strap
Ocim Camera Strap


The Ocim Camera Strap is designed to keep your camera safe and secure on your shoulder. It features a safety rope that holds the strap balanced and adjustable thick wide pads to protect the camera. It can be adjusted to fit any body type and keeps the camera in the same position for long periods.

The camera strap is premium leather and features 3 point slingers that go over your shoulder and attach to your camera. This allows you to access your camera when needed quickly. It is easy to use and fits almost any camera with a tripod screw. It is lightweight, convenient, and as durable as the BlackRapid strap.

This strap is available in two styles, one for each shoulder. The 3-point slinger is a bit more expensive but offers a safety strap that attaches to the camera body. It also comes with a metal locking carabiner. The belt also features an underarm strap that stabilizes the shoulder strap. Whether you’re using a DSLR or compact system camera, the Ocim Camera Strap will work for both.

The Peak Design Camera Strap is adjustable and lightweight and comes with a base mount for a tripod. While it isn’t the most comfortable strap, it does have many valuable features. It is also easy to set up and uses the Anchor quick-release system to secure your camera.

3. BlackRapid Camera Slings – Best Quality for Most Photographers

BlackRapid Camera Slings
BlackRapid Camera Slings


BlackRapid is a company that has been producing camera slings for many years. The Curve Breathe 3-point camera sling is comfortable with high-quality materials and excellent durability. It also has an ergonomic cushion that hugs the left shoulder for the most extensive comfort. It has been recommended by photographers and camera experts from all over the world. The Curve Breathe camera sling is very comfortable and has been a favorite of photographers, and it’s easy to see why.

Unlike other camera straps, BlackRapid Original 3-point camera slings come with a camera plate that attaches to the camera with an Arca Swiss quick-release tripod plate. The strap is also equipped with a snap hook, making it easy to attach the camera to the belt. Yet, the price tag of this camera sling is twice as high as that of other cross-shoulder straps.

The Sport Breathe camera strap is adjustable from 36.0 to 65.7 inches. The nylon webbing is 1.0 inches wide and comes with bumper locks that slide up and down the length of the strap’s webbing. The bumper locks also prevent the camera from slipping while shooting. Another great feature of the Delta sling is its ability to carry a heavy DSLR camera with heavy lenses.

The BlackRapid Breathe series camera slings are lightweight and made from breathable fabrics. They also feature locking swivel carabiners and lock-star safety gates. And unlike other camera straps, these slings are incredibly comfortable and durable.

4. Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap | Best Budget Slinger

Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap
Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap

The Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap has been designed with speed and protection. This camera strap has an ergonomically designed shoulder pad, a quick-release buckle, and an adjustable D-ring. This camera strap is lightweight and easy to carry. Its design makes it an excellent option for people constantly on the move.

This strap is made of solid nylon and has a soft cotton lining. It is fully adjustable and comfortable to wear for long periods. Another plus of the Waka Camera Shoulder Strap is its vibration control. The strap is designed with a built-in vibration motor that makes it comfortable for extended use.

The Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap 3-point slinger is easy to use and adjust and offers excellent protection to the camera. The shoulder strap is a great way to get access to your camera in an instant. It also features a padded pad and a storage pouch for memory cards and batteries.

The main compartment of the Waka Rapid Camera Shoulder Strap 3-Point Slinger is approximately 10 inches long. The padded cradle fits a Nikon F-100 or a Canon EOS 10D with a 28-300mm lens. It is also compatible with a variety of cameras and lenses.

5. Altura Photo Camera Strap | Alternate Budget 3-Point Slinger

Altura Photo 3 point slinger camera belts are available in many materials. Some are designed to be worn on the shoulder, while others are comfortable to wear on the back. For long-term use, choose a camera strap that is padded so that you can avoid shoulder pain and discomfort. Nylon is the most common material for slings, but you can also choose leather or canvas.

The Altura Photo 3 point slinger camera belt has a zipped pocket in the shoulder pad and a rubber-backed plate to secure the tripod. The shoulder pad is adjustable to find the correct length for your camera. It also features a zipper pocket to carry extras. This camera strap is compatible with most DSLR cameras with tripod screws.

Whether you’re shooting in the mountains or at the beach, the 3-point slinger camera strap is the ideal tool for your outdoor photo sessions. It will securely carry your DSLR body and up to three lenses, allowing you to capture more images in less time. It will also keep your gear dry, so rain or humidity won’t ruin your shots.

Another 3 point slinger camera strap is the PiuQ. It’s a low-cost option. It attaches to the tripod screw in the camera’s base and has a rubber base to protect the camera body. The strap is adjustable, reaching up to 21.5”, and has a lockable carabiner. It also features a thick padded shoulder strap.

5 Benefits of Using 3-Point Camera Slingers

5 Benefits of Using 3-Point Camera Slingers
5 Benefits of Using 3-Point Camera Slingers

A 3 Point camera slinger is an accessory that can protect your camera from falling objects. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and has many pockets for organizing all your camera accessories. It is also waterproof and comfortable to wear on your shoulder or back. Here are 5 benefits of using a 3-Point camera slinger.

Its durability and comfort are key factors. It is important to choose a good camera slinger that is built to last. Avoid buying a cheap one just to save money. It should be made of high-quality materials and comfortable to wear. Also, consider the height of the person who will use it. Make sure it fits properly and doesn’t interfere with the camera bag.

  1. Fast motion – you can move quickly while the camera is hovering.
  2. Stays out of the way – You can have the camera on your back whenever you want.
  3. Hands-free – with the 3-point sling, you can even do sports if you want.
  4. The bottom mount makes sense – thanks to the 3-point sling, you turn your camera towards your face.
  5. Comfortable for heavier loads – even heavy lenses stay light thanks to the 3-point sling.

The 3-point camera slinger can accommodate many types of cameras and lenses. The Altura shoulder strap has a secret compartment that can hold your extra batteries or memory cards. It also has anti-slip padding to keep it in place. It is an excellent option for carrying your camera when you’re outdoors.

3-Point camera slingers are available in many different sizes and weights to accommodate various camera straps. Moreover, you can choose a camera slinger that suits your shooting style and your budget.

How to Use a 3-Point Slinger for a Camera

If you want to hold your camera firmly but comfortably, consider using a 3 point slinger. These slings are very easy to use and keep your camera from bouncing while you shoot. They are also adjustable, so you can perfectly fit them into your body. They will also give you a secure grip while using your camera without causing pain. Another great feature of these slingers is that they are lightweight and easy to maneuver even in crowded areas. They are also great for quickly accessing your camera or other equipment.

A waterproof sling is a great way to protect your camera from getting wet or dirty while shooting. These slings also have useful organizational features, like a mesh pouch that holds small accessories. They also have a zippered pocket where you can store other accessories. They are also water-resistant neoprene, so your camera won’t get wet.

When you sell a three-point slinger for your camera, it’s essential to choose one that is designed for the type of camera you’re using. Some models are designed for compact cameras, while others are designed for SLR and DSLR cameras. Using the right slinger for your camera is essential because it will ensure the highest quality results. It’s a good idea to read reviews before buying a slinger.


In the above article, we told you how to carry your camera more comfortably. Our aim is to share with you the best of the camera lenses and spare parts and the easy carrying strap.

You can choose the best one according to your budget.

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