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Best Free VPNs for PC and Mac


You can protect your anonymity with the best Free VPNs for PC and Mac. Are you looking for a system that protects your connection and data, limits access to IPs located outside your country, or allows you to access sites that don’t allow access from your country? Let’s see the best free VPNs for PC and Mac.

Virtual private networks protect your privacy. They create a protected and encrypted connection between your computer and your business systems for intelligent work. But it’s necessary to trust the most well-known, serious suppliers with many years of experience in the industry. Even if not all suppliers say that you will not keep your information on their servers, it’s always good to trust only the best, namely those recognized by news and information publications.

The best VPNs offer both computer and smartphone access to content unavailable in your country. But does it really guarantee that you can browse anonymously?

Of course, some suppliers provide all these features at no cost, but we should add that there will be limitations, such as the number of devices used with the same VPN and the time limit.

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What is VPN? How Does It Work?

A VPN changes your IP address by transferring data in tunnels that are nothing more than secure and encrypted connections. Your devices are free to send and receive data protected and encrypted.

This private virtual network also allows you to bypass regional locks, that is, region locks services. In addition to changing your IP, your geographic location will also change, which could be in another city in the same country or another country.

Do you want to connect to a site or watch a streaming program, perhaps sports, that doesn’t allow connections from different countries, including yours?

Activate the VPN, connect to the server of one of the permitted countries and enjoy your game! You can do that with the best free VPN for computers.

The Best Free VPNs of 2022

Now, let’s look at the best VPNs we’ve enjoyed trying, each with its unique features. Therefore, it isn’t excluded that more than one is installed or active on the same device. Yes, it’s a bit of an exaggeration and maybe a geek, but how much is your self confidence worth? Why leave your data to chance, especially when you can use multiple solutions for free?

Nowadays, any device is so fast that the number of applications installed or running in the background isn’t a problem. Knowing how to take advantage of the features of each VPN will allow you to browse incomplete and complete security without being tracked by your provider and effectively make your browsing anonymous and traceless.

For example, you’re tired of being haunted by ads you searched for on your smartphone and are now targeted by something tracking you on your laptop. So we decided to create this list of the best free VPNs for PCs for you. Here are the best VPNs for computers:

Avira Phantom: A Free VPN

Yes, we’re talking about Avira, the well-known computer antivirus. With Phantom VPN, Avira offers you the installation of the client for both Mac and Windows; a VPN limited to 500 MegaBytes per month connecting to the server closest to you. The advantage is the reliability, stability, and name guarantee of Avira servers.


Windscribe displays a list that is so extensive and backward compatible with various browsers and systems on its download page. No registration is required, and no subscription is required. While email is optional, you must create only a username and password. Once the user is created, you will have 2 Gigabytes of monthly traffic, but entering a valid email will increase you to 10 Gigabytes of traffic per month.

The downside is that you can’t choose a server. Instead, Windscribe will choose the best solution for you.


This VPN is a real find, compatible with Mac and Windows and smartphones, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox, Playstation, and routers. There is no limit, you can choose the server you want, and it will not reduce the browsing speed. Once the app is installed, you are prompted to accept that only the VPN client connects to public web pages by showing occasional advertisements.

It requires registration, and you can use any email, Apple id login, or Google login. Installation is quick and is genuinely a sign of transparency. It tells you everything it can’t do and almost silently asks you if you agree to the occasional opening of ad pages.


ProtonVPN doesn’t limit traffic data, so it is unlimited. It is one of the best free VPNs for PC because you can use it as much as possible. Only to encourage subscription of a paid plan and even the free plan requires a subscription, and you have to use email.


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