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What is VPN? What are the Benefits to Users?

VPN can be defined as a virtual private network. This concept is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It can be used for many purposes, but mostly it enables companies to make the communication between their branches more secure by encrypting them. 

The private network we call VPN offers many different protocols and technologies together. For example, communication from one computer to the other computer creates a secure tunnel by making crypto.

Since the information passing through this private tunnel prepared by the VPN private network is encrypted, the information is not visible in any way. People who want to intervene can only see the encrypted data. Thus, your security is 100% ensured. The stronger the encryption, the stronger your security will be. However, if you store all your data in this tunnel, you will have full protection.

The term Virtual Private Network is translated into Turkish as “Virtual Private Network”. To explain more clearly, your real IP address is hidden in the internet environment, allowing you to connect to the net from a different IP address. VPN completely hides your connection information when connecting to a network, making your connection more secure. In this way, your identity is prevented from being detected. 

Since there is crypto in the communication and it is not clear where you are going while surfing the internet, you can easily browse the sites that are prohibited in your country or that provide restricted access. 3rd parties can never see what you are doing as the VPN tunnel completely hides what you are doing and what you are getting from the recipients.

VPN Types

VPN types are classified according to their structure. We can group them into hardware-based and software-based. VPN private networks are set up as a customized network driver for a phone or computer. In general, it takes place in operating systems by providing various VPN protocols embedded in operating systems. In this case, all you have to do is to connect to the VPN by making the settings of your VPN providers.

VPN support can also be provided on Berqnet and similar types of firewall devices. In this case, a virtual network adapter is created and all traffic is transferred to the VPN. Afterward, you can browse the internet through the VPN you are connected to, hide your current IP code and search through the IP you are connected to.

What are VPN Usage Purposes?

VPN was used to keep communication between institutions confidential in the first days of its creation. It has become frequently used today when tracking, privacy violations, and different factors emerged on the Internet. In the early ages of the Internet, VPN emerged in order to keep the conversations between institutions located in different locations confidential.

It is now used to provide more private and secure surfing on the Internet, as well as inter-agency confidentiality. Thus, it is possible to transmit very sensitive information to the other party. At the same time, the information of the institutions is kept confidential.

Today, the increasingly dangerous internet has increased cyber attacks and viruses. Therefore, users have started to turn to VPNs. Users who are particularly fond of the concept of freedom on the Internet have turned to VPN types as a community. So much so that even high school students have enough knowledge about VPNs. The reasons for end-users to turn to VPN can be listed as follows;

  • Prohibitions and restrictions
  • Private networks like Torrent and Tor
  • Fear of privacy and fear of being followed

We may be exposed to some restrictions by governments in many areas of our country and even around the world. These bans push users to freedom, namely VPN. Likewise, networks such as Torrent are banned in many countries. Users who want to download movies or music via torrent can also do their job through the VPN application.

Are VPN Solutions Safe?

It is not true to say that every VPN solution is secure. Because it is possible to say that there are many security or privacy problems among VPN types.

Although the purpose of the emergence of VPN is privacy and security, privacy problems have started to emerge with the advancement of technology. The main reason for the problems that arise is that many companies that offer VPN services have come to the market. They provide VPN services to users, either paid or free.

If you read the contracts of some firms they show that they can provide the information requested by the government. For this reason, it is necessary to be very careful when providing VPN services from companies. You should think twice, especially if you are using a free VPN.

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