External Hard Drive, Portable or Fixed: Which is the Best?


External Hard Drive, Portable or Fixed: Which is the Best? Your computer is out of memory, and you don’t want to delete old photos and videos to make room for new ones. Need to install a new game or program, but nothing fits? Then we advise you to buy one of the best external hard drives that we have shown you in this article and fix your problem quickly and cheaply.

These peripherals are increasingly used and helpful today, so the market is full of options. With an external drive, you can quickly expand your PC’s memory and require almost no technical knowledge. But to connect one or two wires, you need to pay a little attention.

Easy and versatile, there’re models for every price range, and if you’re looking to buy the one that best suits your needs, below, you’ll find tips for making the right choice and the ones that offer the best value for your money. Especially if you don’t know much about it and don’t want to waste your money, take a few moments to read through this page, and you will find that you can easily find the perfect hard drive.

Why Should You Buy an External Storage Drive?

The answer is quite simple because it’s convenient and more accessible. Replacing a laptop disk is often very expensive and involves many risks, while on a console, this is almost impossible. In the first case, you need to make a backup and reinstall the operating system and all programs: This is just a series of procedures that aren’t long but never go smoothly and create errors.

If you have a Mac, you have no choice but to go to an authorized center, and Apple is certainly not famous for being cheap. However, with an external hard drive, you don’t need any technical knowledge or intervention on your computer. You buy this peripheral, connect it to a computer or console, and it will be activated automatically. In a few seconds, you’ll have plenty of space to store all the files you want. Also, if your home has a WiFi modem / router that allows this functionality, you can use it to create your cloud.

Best External Hard Drive, Portable or Fixed for Computers and Consoles

Having a portable drive has many advantages, and we recommend purchasing one rather than replacing the drive on your PC. It is, of course, economically convenient for you. Still, it is also more convenient as it allows you to move files or use them on multiple computers and laptops by simply connecting them to the device.

In the selection, speed and capacity aren’t everything, but we must not forget about the quality and reliability of the device; all the main features we had to look at in the selection, we will see later.

We compared dozens of them and chose the ones that offer the best performance and speed for their price. We created our ranking after analyzing various parameters, and you won’t be disappointed whichever you choose. Here are the best external hard drives you can buy in 2022:

1. SanDisk Extreme

The Sandisk Extreme has one of the highest quality/price ratios of all external peripherals. For a relatively low cost, it actually allows you to have an external SSD (not HDD) that is huge and has excellent write speed. It is available in different capacities, from 250GB to 4TB, but we recommend the 1TB version, which is the best compromise between quality and price.

SanDisk Extreme
SanDisk Extreme

2. WD My Passport Ultra

One of the biggest and best-known brands regarding memory and storage is Western Digital, and their products are some of the best. The most famous is the WD My Passport, which is unique in its ultra version. With its metal cover and excellent performance, it is beautiful and is among the most preferred so far.

WD My Passport Ultra
WD My Passport Ultra

3. Toshiba Canvio Advance

For those looking for a cheap external drive, this one from Toshiba is affordable but offers good performance and speed. Toshiba Hard Drives are the ones that usually last the longest and rarely fail. For this, they’re the most purchased by those looking for reliability, but their performance isn’t constant, slightly inferior to its competitors.

Don’t forget that automatic backup software allows you to keep your data safe if your device is damaged. It also goes into standby mode after a few minutes of inactivity, saving a lot of energy.

Toshiba Canvio Advance
Toshiba Canvio Advance

4. Seagate Game Drive

The best external hard drive for the PlayStation 4 and 5 is actually the Seagate Game Drive, which they produced in limited editions from Marvel’s heroes. This is an officially licensed PlayStation disc.

So you can be sure that it works on your console and is among the best you can get. You can even see the PS and Marvel logos printed on the front of the case, along with graphics of various superheroes.

Seagate Game Drive
Seagate Game Drive

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