Force Restart iPhone When Unresponsive

Force Restart iPhone When Unresponsive? Suppose you have recently become an iPhone owner or have owned it for a long time but have never found yourself with the phone locked, unable to perform any action. This guide will explain how to restart the iPhone when it isn’t responding. We will briefly explain how to unlock your phone if the screen doesn’t respond to touch when the keys don’t respond to commands, and there seems to be nothing else to do but take it for repair.

We won’t go that far because you need to know that the operating system or an app can block the entire phone. It rarely happens, and you need to know how to fix it if it happens quickly.

Let’s see together then how to solve this situation so that you will already know what to do without panicking if it happens to you. This can be helpful even if a friend or relative asks you for help.

Force Restart iPhone

You are comfortably on your sofa watching a video on YouTube or a movie on Netflix, on the bus or on a road where a navigation device is required, suddenly the phone freezes and you often cannot turn off your iPhone.

With anxiety, you begin to touch the screen and press the keys; you often look around a bit bewildered because it isn’t a situation that happens often. Your phone is the only tool you need to research what’s going on on the internet and what’s the solution.

But at that moment, you cannot do anything. The easiest is to read in this guide how to do and avoid any inappropriate behavior in public. By the end of this tutorial, you will know everything, absolutely everything, about how to unlock your iPhone when unresponsive and proceed with a forced restart. Now let’s take a look at the methods:

Forced Restart for iPhone X/Xs/XR and iPhone 11/12/13

Apple has continued to refresh and update its iPhones over time. For example, even when it preferred different aesthetic and functional choices from the past, such as introducing the notch, it didn’t lose its consistency. It adapted the iOS system to the iPhone.

All these changes have never upset the operating system, and thanks to this school of thought, we have adapted to new movements as if they were always there. Because the absence or presence of something new has led us to interface with new ones. We instinctively feel like we already know what to do and how to do iPhone versions.

From the intensive use of the home button, we have moved on to gestures and more use of the standby button. For this reason, don’t be surprised by the simplicity with which Apple has made the forced restart procedure quick and easy for all iPhones equipped with Face ID to unify the reset steps to all the latest versions of the iPhone from X to 13. Yes, this process also applies to the new Apple iPhones of the 13 series. Here’s now we’ll explain how:

  • Press the up volume key once and release immediately, with just one click
  • Press the volume button down once and remove it immediately again; just one click is enough
  • Now press and hold the side button to lock the iPhone
  • Press and hold the key to lock the phone until you see the Apple logo appear
  • Here, as soon as the apple logo appears, release the button

Well, now your phone will restart, bypassing a possible blocking of the touchscreen or some app that doesn’t want to close, which causes your phone to no longer respond to commands. If you have noticed a general slowdown of the phone and think it may be the space occupied by apps and files, try to free up space on the iPhone. Surely your Apple smartphone will benefit!

iphone force restart

Hard Reset iPhone 8 and SE2

Apple’s 8 and SE models are the last to keep the home button, but this key will not be necessary in the case of having to restart the phone after a lockout. The standby or phone lock key has supplanted its historical function.

It isn’t a random choice, even if it may seem that Apple has removed the home button from the next iPhone 8 model. Thanks to this, he gradually accustomed us to doing without this key. This is also good because we have adapted to using only gestures of the phone, physical keys such as volume and lock only for certain functions.

Following the reasoning we mentioned above, for these two iPhone models, 8 and SE2 (or 2020), the procedure doesn’t differ from the one we reported to you for models X and 11, 12, and 13. Then proceed to this sense:

  • Press and quickly release the up volume key
  • Press and quickly release the down volume key
  • Press and hold the button to lock the iPhone
  • Keep pressing until the apple logo appears
  • At this point, remove the key

Reboot completed; you have to wait for your iPhone to complete the reboot procedure and get back fully functional on the home screen. You will find your iPhone connected to the network and ready for use without further waiting.

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