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Form Submit Not Working in Chrome Solution


Most of the time, form submit not working in Chrome solution problem can occur. Generally, people describe it as a mistake. This error occurs when you go back to the previous page in your browser or update your system after submitting a form. This popup has been reported from time to time by many users. But this error continues to appear in all versions of Google Chrome and many other devices.

This is due to Google Chrome’s weak module, which also deals with forwarding and backward gestures. Therefore, solving this problem has become almost impossible.

Reasons for Form Not Submitting in Chrome

There’re many reasons for the form submit not working in Chrome solution problem to appear on the screen. You can read and take a look at some of the reasons below:

  • Internet connection may be incorrect.
  • A page consisting of any module may have been updated.
  • You may have tapped the back button when you were in the middle of submitting the form.
  • Google chrome has a date format validation. This problem can also occur if the date is wrong.

When completing any form that asks for your information, you must not refresh or return from the page while the form is in the middle of submitting. During form submission, user data is transferred to the server, and this process, if any, is interrupted. Therefore, it’s likely that you indeed copied the page content. Then you get the resubmit confirmation form dialog.

That way, this dialog turns out to be effective. For example, if it’s not there, it could be because you submitted both forms with the exact details. Even then, in some places, this error turns out to be very annoying, especially when you accidentally hit the refresh button.

Reasons for Form Not Submitting in Chrome

Solutions for Form Submit Not Working in Chrome Solution Error

You can try the following methods for form submit not working in Chrome solution problem:

Disable Confirm Form Resubmission from Chrome

If you’re a Windows user, you need to follow these simple steps to disable the repost confirmation feature from Chrome:

  • First, right-click on the Chrome shortcut, select properties
  • You need to add -disable-prompt-on-repost to the target field without quotes after chrome.exe
  • Then you have to exit and reopen the browser (via a new link)

Change POST Method

POST and GET are two different methods preferred to send data. Indicates which user entered the browser form. When the submit method is used, user-entered data isn’t actually appended to the URL. On the contrary, the information is appended to the URL whenever the GET method uses. This truly defines privacy.

So the point is that the GET method isn’t the first choice. However, in the form submission dialog, you need to check if you’re allowed to edit the data on your page. You should replace the POST method with the GET method. You can get it by following the step below.

You need to remove the word ‘POST’ in your URL and replace it with the word ‘GET.’

Use Google Chrome’s Features

There is another way to remove this glitch via Google Chrome features. You can get the result by following the steps below:

  • First, right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut icon and select ‘Properties.’
  • You need to find a field named target in Properties.
  • Now, add the following text at the end of the text you typed earlier in Target: ‘–Disable repost-prompt’ (without quotes)
  • Then close your Google Chrome. Reopen with the same link to see if the dialog still pops up during the update.

If using this method, make sure you have two Google Chrome shortcuts. This way, you can use the browser according to your needs. If the first method didn’t work, here’s plan B. Using the form in the header with this PHP code can avoid the form resubmit confirmation error. This code is mostly: header (‘Cache-Control, max-age=0’);

  • Now, delete it from the header if you want to fix it.
  • Then refresh the page inside the form.
  • Reload the form and update it to check if it’s fixed.

But this solution only works for those who actually have permission to edit the post as an editor.

Don’t Use the Back Button When Submitting a Form

This issue can appear when Google doesn’t cache posts. So the easiest way to avoid resubmitting the form in PHP update is never to use the back button. Close that tab or use another link on the site when submitting the form.

According to the Google Product Forum, the form submission issue is often resolved every time users update Chrome. That’s why it’s a good idea always to check the current version of Google Chrome and update it.

Reset Your Chrome Browser Settings

Resetting your browser settings can also be a great way to fix the problem. To apply the solution as well, simply follow the steps below:

  • Immediately tap on the three dots in the right area of Chrome.
  • Set your ‘Settings’ options as you wish.
  • Skip to the last part and hit the ‘Show Advanced Settings’ option.
  • Reset settings immediately by clicking on ‘Reset settings to original defaults.

Changing JQuery Version

Downgrading the jQuery version may also fix this issue. Users say that this issue may occur after updating the jQuery version. You can downgrade the version by going to the jQuery section right away.

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