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Free Convert JPG to PDF on PC and Smartphone. If you’ve ever tried to print a photo, you’ve noticed that it often doesn’t fit properly, and multiple pages come out of the printer with one image on each. If you don’t want to encounter such problems, it would be best to convert the file into a document that you can view the same on every device.

It may seem complicated at first glance, but let me tell you that it is a straightforward process to do even if you have no experience with computers. Today’s article shows you how to convert JPG to PDF.

We are talking about JPG as it is the most widely used extension for photos and other images, but the guide works in almost any commonly used format, including PNG, JPEG, and more. We assure you it is straightforward: Just a little desire and we will show you different ways to convert your files, both online services and computer programs, not only simple but also free.

Why Should You Convert An Image To A PDF Document?

You can use such conversions mostly because PDF files are highly compatible. Using a JPG or a different format photo can be a problem if you have friends who use other types of computers or want to open the document in some applications. Some of the extensions may not be recognized and may not work.

It is always better to convert it to PDF if you don’t want the photo printed on different pages, with weird and off-center colors, even when you need to publish it. So this procedure can be beneficial for you in many situations, and it’s worth spending a few minutes learning it.

If you want to convert a file from JPG to PDF, read the methods we have provided for you. Then choose the one that is easier and more convenient for you. You will see how simple it’s, and you can use converters as much as you want.

Why Should You Convert An Image To A PDF Document

Free Online JPG to PDF Converters

Do a quick Google search on converting a JPG image to a PDF document. So you will immediately find thousands of results related to it. Countless sites offer you this service free. They also provide many extra features, but sometimes you can pay for them.

If you only need to convert one file, more or less, all is good. But if you need to use this feature more often, we recommend choosing the ones we’ve listed briefly, as they’re the most valid. You can also use them to convert many other formats such as PNG, JPEG, and even Tiff. Here are the best online converters to convert JPG to PDF files:

Free Online JPG to PDF Converters


One of the best services ever and many of its free features is SmallPDF. It is a portal that gives you many tools to convert your files of various types and formats. All completely online, with a fast and intuitive interface, it is straightforward to use even by those unfamiliar with PC. Step by step instructions and considerations for converting a JPG file to PDF:

  • Go to the SmallPDF converter site.
  • Upload your JPG file by dragging it into the box or selecting it from the appropriate window.
  • Click the ‘Create PDF’ button immediately to start the process quickly.
  • Download the document to your computer.

If you don’t want to share it after the conversion is complete, you can send a link to a friend, keep adding images and combine them into a single PDF. You can also compress the file if it is too big.

Adobe Online

Adobe is the company that invented PDFs and is the best in the field. The free resources provided by Adobe are worse than SmallPDF. However, if you need to convert an image to PDF, Adobe Online JPG to PDF is the best tool ever.

Adobe’s advantage is both the quality and variety of supported formats. You can also upload images with PNG, BMP, Giff, and Tiff extensions, which don’t all support and download the converted PDF file after a few seconds. All with the best quality. Unfortunately, however, as mentioned earlier, if you need to do more, you’ll have to purchase a license for one of their paid products.

Free PDF

Another platform we recommend is Free PDF, an online service that, as the name suggests, is entirely free to use. In principle, it works precisely like SmallPDF and others. But all its primary functions are completely free. The conversion doesn’t change either, just load the image and choose the page layout. Free PDF takes care of that stuff for you.

After the conversion is complete, you can add more photos, split, merge, rotate or delete single pages, password protect and even compress the PDF if the final file is too large.

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