How Can You See Which Groups Someone is In On Facebook?

How Can You See Which Groups Someone is In On Facebook? Before explaining how to see someone’s groups on Facebook, it’s necessary to make an essential premise. You should know that it’s possible to see the list of pages that a particular user follows on the famous social network, but it’s no longer allowed to view the list of groups to which he is subscribed.

However, you’ll be glad to know that there is an alternative solution that lets you know which groups a person is registered to as long as they are among your friends. However, this procedure doesn’t apply to a private Facebook group: It can only be used for public and private groups.

How Can You See Which Groups Someone is In On Facebook?

If your goal is to view the Facebook groups you subscribe to, you’ll be happy to know that the procedure is quick and straightforward. All you have to do is access the grouped section of the social network. You can view both the groups you are the manager of and the groups you subscribe to, and you can quickly manage their notifications and settings.

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Seeing Your Facebook Group On Smartphones and Tablets

To view your Facebook groups from smartphones and tablets, launch the application of the famous social network for Android or iOS / iPad devices, and if you haven’t already, press the Login button to access your account.

If you have an Android-equipped device, tap the ☰ button and select groups on the new screen that appears. Then press shows all on your groups. The groups set at the top are the groups you manage and other groups.

On the other hand, if you have an iPhone or iPad, tap the little man icon present in the bottom menu and hit your groups option to access the group’s section. In the new screen that opens, you can see the complete list of all the groups you’re a member of, including pinned (with the groups you set in the foreground) and others at the top.

Regardless of the device used, you can both add new groups to be pinned to the top and remove those you no longer want to display in the foreground by pressing edit and tapping the pin icon.

However, if you want to see the list of Facebook groups you are a member of from your computer connected to the main page of the famous social network. Enter your login information in the e-mail or phone and password fields, click the Login button, and access your account.

Once this is done, find the explore section in the left sidebar and hit groups. Alternatively, click the down arrow icon and select ‘manage groups’ from the menu. You can view the groups you’re a member of from the sidebar on the left side of the newly opened page.

Unlike the Facebook app, which lets you quickly manage the settings of all your groups, you need to access each group from your computer (by clicking on its name) to change notification settings or leave.

How To See Someone’s Groups On Facebook?

As stated in the introductory lines of this guide, it isn’t possible to see all Facebook groups to which a single person is subscribed. However, if the user you’re interested in is among your friends, you can access the friend groups section and find out which groups your contacts are subscribed to, albeit with some limitations.

To see groups of friends on Facebook from smartphones and tablets, launch the social networking app for Android or iOS / iPad devices (tapping the white “F” icon on a blue background) and log in to your account if you haven’t already.

Now, tap on the ☰ button located on the top menu (bottom right if you’re using an iPhone / iPad), select groups, and tap on the suggested button. On the new screen that opens, find the friends’ groups section and press show all to view the list of groups your friends are subscribed to and the number of friends who are part of that group for each group.

Then press a Facebook group, tap its name, and all for members on the new screen. Now, find the friends section to see the complete list of friends who have subscribed to that group.

The procedure for viewing the list of friend groups on Facebook from a computer is almost the same as our instructions for smartphones and tablets. You have to go to the fellowships’ section and view the registered members for each group.

So to continue, connect to the main Facebook page and hit the groups option appearing next to explore on the left sidebar. Alternatively, click the down arrow icon in the top right and select manage groups from the menu.

On the new page that opens, find the groups section and click show all to view the list of your friends’ groups. At this point, click on the cover art of each group you are interested in, click on the Members option appearing in the sidebar on the left, find Friends and click on the word See all friends to see the list of registered friends.

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