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You can find solutions to your problems with Instagram account closure forms. Keep reading for the list of Instagram account closure forms!

Instagram doesn’t allow users to delete or deactivate their accounts easily. We describe the procedure to follow from a computer, iPhone, or Android smartphone. Are they impersonating you on social networks? Do you want to close the account of a minor? After explaining the details, we’re now detailing the procedure to follow to close the Instagram account.

How To Disable Instagram Account?

You can temporarily disable your Instagram account in the app or the web version of the social network quite easily. Be careful; this is just a suspension, not a permanent deletion. Instagram will retain your data, but you can recover them if you want to return them later.

Also, the temporary deactivation of an Instagram account cannot be done from the mobile app. You will need to go through an Internet browser, whether on a computer or smartphone.

Instagram Account Closure Forms (List)

You can send your requests on the following topics to Instagram via the relevant account closing forms. After you fill out the updated Instagram account closing forms, the company will review the form and take necessary actions in a short time.

  • Closing fake Instagram accounts

Impersonating your account, concept account, or brand account is very annoying. As this is a common situation, Instagram provides a shutdown form. For imitated Instagram accounts, you can fill out the form below immediately:

  • Harassment and bullying

Unfortunately, on a platform like Instagram, with thousands of users, harassment and bullying can happen:

  • Sexual offenses

You must write the necessary information in all detail:

  • Reporting a dead Instagram user

Instagram offers a form to deactivate a dead user’s account completely. You can send an account closure request by filling out all the information in this form.

  • Complaint form for underage user on Instagram

For users under the age of Instagram account closing forms, you can close the account by filling out the closing account form. The most important point here is that keeping your relationship with the account you will complain about will increase the chance of the account being closed completely.

Contact Instagram Support

Instagram’s support service doesn’t shine for the speed of their response. Many users really complain about the quality of customer service of this place. You can also find the phone number of the Instagram support service in California (US) on the Internet. You will see an answering machine with a voice menu if you dial this phone number. Note that regardless of the option selected, the voice will invite you to send an email to the support service or go to the help section of the Instagram.

Please note that phone calls to the US can be expensive, depending on your plan. In short, it’s better not to waste your time with this phone number. Of course, like most social networks, Instagram has various contact forms for users to report problems. This is the most effective way to communicate with the photo exchange platform.

  • Launch your web browser
  • Go to the Instagram
  • Click on the support menu placed at the bottom of the window
  • Select one of the issues listed from the left menu
  • If you cannot find an answer to your problem in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), return to the support service home page
  • Select privacy and security, then Report something
  • Select the issue you’re experiencing from the menu on the left (hacked account, excessive account, child protection, hateful content, etc.)
  • Then fill out the form, and always try to be as short as possible. Support service members have little time to devote to each request.

Instagram Help Service On Smartphone

You can also access the Instagram support service from the mobile application. Launch the application and then click on the profile tab in the lower right corner of the screen:

  • Press the menu button located in the upper region of the window
  • You have to select the settings option.
  • Click on help
  • Select report a problem, then choose one of the offers
  • Then submit your request on the form provided for this purpose

It would be best if you were patient after you approved your request. The probability of getting a response as soon as possible remains low. Given many Internet users (more than one billion subscribers) registered with Instagram, the processing times for requests are relatively long.

Note: If you have decided to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily, login to the social network again at any time to reactivate it. But if you’ve decided to delete your Instagram account permanently, you only have 30 days to change your mind. After this period, you will delete your data and photos from the social network.

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