Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Review in 2022 Edition


Kaspersky internet security antivirus best review in 2022 edition? The web’s threats are increasing increasingly, and they’re pretty insidious. A moment of inattention is all it takes to catch a virus, trojan, malware or others today. It is necessary to use a good antivirus program carefully and, above all, to ensure that our privacy and personal data and just that it is safe.

Among all the software available, Kaspersky is one of the best options. It offers paid and one free plan. Security Cloud, free and protects you against viruses on all devices, is antivirus, which provides essential protection for Windows, and Total Security, which is the ultimate protection software.

But today, we will talk about Kaspersky Internet Security, an intermediate solution, a great antivirus for Windows, Mac and Android. It is a truly excellent product with a very high level of protection and low cost on average compared to its competitors.

Advantages: Features of Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus

As you know, Kaspersky is among the best antiviruses. Already in the middle version of Internet Security protects every activity of online life. It also offers the following features:

  • Effectively blocks viruses, malware and attacks.
  • It protects your privacy by preventing the tracker from collecting sensitive data.
  • It is lightweight software that doesn’t affect performance.
  • Detects and removes spyware on Android.
  • Protects online payments.
  • Blocks unauthorized access attempts to the webcam.
  • It gives you 200 Mb of VPN per day for each device.

Among the most exciting features are bank data protection and ‘Safe Money‘ protection that instantly detects when you’re about to pay online.

Disadvantages: Software Flaws

The only real downside to Kaspersky is the cost, which is an annual subscription rather than a one-time subscription for a single device.

The second issue concerns Cloud Security, free software that collects a bit of personal data under the pretext that it might better protect you from malware. It is necessary to accept the agreement and privacy policies to allow the collection of data.

Kaspersky Internet Security: An Antivirus for Every Device

Kaspersky Internet Security is a complete platform that allows you to protect all your devices, except iPhones and iPads, which are already covered by them and don’t need additional protection. However, antivirus software is almost mandatory if you have a Mac, Windows PC, Android smartphone or tablet.

It provides complete protection against classic viruses and malware, phishing and other threats you can encounter on the internet. The package includes many extras like webcam protection, a free VPN for anonymous browsing, and an encrypted browser for banking and secure shopping.

Kaspersky: An Antivirus for Every Device
Kaspersky: An Antivirus for Every Device

Protection for Mac

If you have an Apple computer, you know that a Windows user much more protects you. But if you want to sleep peacefully and browse safely, you can download Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac.

While safe, osX and MacOS aren’t entirely immune to viruses. But most importantly, they don’t guarantee protection against phishing, online fraud, and identity theft that you can get from Kaspersky.

Best Antivirus for Windows

Although Windows security has improved and reached very high levels with the new Windows 10 over the years, having an antivirus is always a must because there’re threats on the web, and Microsoft doesn’t always launch adequate protection on time.

But if you have Windows, you can also choose Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus, which costs much less than Internet Security. But you may not only have webcam protection, privacy protection, and anti-phishing attacks, but you may also know that you won’t. It will be an encrypted browser to protect online transactions.

Kaspersky Mobile: Android App

Android is one of the operating systems that hackers increasingly prefer as it is now even more common than Windows. It’s installed on millions of devices worldwide, and its open nature makes everything easy.

Anyone with an Android phone or tablet should never install apps from different Google PlayStore sites. But this trick isn’t always enough to give you peace of mind. All it takes is some carelessness, such as visiting a questionable site or clicking the wrong button, and you fall victim to a cyberattack.

Let’s say we use these devices primarily for online payments, internet banking, sharing photos with friends, and social media. In this way, our privacy, accounts, personal and banking data are always at risk of being exposed or stolen.

Kaspersky Mobile: Android App
Kaspersky Internet Security Mobile: Android App

In conclusion, never underestimate cybersecurity. In an age where we’re increasingly online, surrounded by computers, smartphones, tablets, wearables and many other devices that transmit your data over the network, you should be especially careful.

Hacker attacks are becoming increasingly common, as are data theft, cyber fraud and the dangers of the web. A good antivirus like Kaspersky Internet Security, BitDefender Internet Security or other valid and reliable software is almost necessary for anyone who wants to protect themselves from malicious people. You, too, enter the official website of the famous antivirus and immediately secure your computer and browse easily on the platform you want.

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Update: 25.09.2022
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