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The Best Gaming Mouse for Hardcore Gamers


The Best Gaming Mouse for Hardcore Gamers. For those who love to play, every detail is essential, and above all, the quality of the controller is necessary never to miss the target. A proper gaming station isn’t complete without one of the best gaming mouse that allows you to give your all in every game. It’s one of the most critical components for passionate and professional players. No matter the game, or the mode, the accuracy of each click is essential to lead you to victory.

As in keyboards made for gaming, today, many models are dedicated to gaming that differs significantly from a classic mouse. The differences aren’t limited to just aesthetics. It’s also about performance first and foremost, not just the handle, location, and a few keys. If you want to take the quality of the game to the next level, you can’t do without a good mouse. In this article, we will see which ones are the best on the market, and you will also find some tips to make the right choice.

Gaming Mouse vs. Standard Mouse: The Differences

Those who have never tried it don’t know, but there is a big difference between a gaming mouse and a normal one. The difference is that every player knows well. It is true that even with a primary device, you can play all games, but one specifically created to play, completely changes the experience.

Unlike the classic models, the gaming mouse has been created keeping in mind the requirements of each player and adapted to use in video games that is very different from that of a person who works on a PC. However, it’s essential for every gamer, but there is much more to distinguish the models.

First of all, the sensor’s sensitivity is much higher to reproduce every slightest movement with maximum precision. Then there is the shape created with the idea that it’s a device that you will hold in hand for hours, sweat, and must be ergonomic. Nor should we forget the additional keys on which it’s possible to set quick commands, the possibility of varying the weight and adapting it to each game, and many other features.

In short, the difference between a classic mouse and a gaming mouse is enormous. If you’re an avid gamer, we recommend that you not underestimate this aspect because a suitable device takes the experience to a much higher level.

Gaming Mouse vs. Standard Mouse The Differences

Best Mouse for Gamers: Top Ranking

Making a choice isn’t always easy. But it mainly depends on your current budget. We’ll make your search more accessible in this article by comparing several models worth buying and broken down by budget. Here is the ranking of the best gaming mouse of 2022:

SteelSeries Rival 710

Probably every gamer’s dream is a mouse. The TrueMove3 is a mouse designed for accurate 1-to-1 tracking for maximum precision in motion, featuring a 12,000 CPI and 350 IPS optical sensor made with PixArt.

Made with high-quality materials and mechanical switches that can withstand 60 million clicks, this durable mouse will last a lifetime. The modular design also allows you to change the sensor, cable better, or cover to suit your preferences.

Razer Naga Trinity

The Razer Naga Trinity is a premium gaming mouse with incredible performance. It has a 16000 DPI 5G optical sensor for outstanding accuracy.

One of the great features of this mouse is the possibility of replacing the side panels. You can choose from three different options, each with a customizable button configuration to best suit the game genre.

Utechsmart Venus

Despite being little known as a brand, UtechSmart’s Venus is one of the best gaming mouse in its price range for those who love online multiplayer games. It offers excellent performance, incredible ergonomics, and side buttons and has some genuinely unbelievable features worthy of the top of the range.

Logitech G502 Hero

One of the best devices for fanatical gamers is this Logitech G502, which has mechanical keys and a metal spring tensioning system on two buttons (left and right) that allow for a more precise click and swift command.

It has a fantastic hero optical sensor with tracking accuracy of up to 16000 without smoothing, filtering, or acceleration. There’re 11 programmable buttons in total and a dual-mode scroll wheel.

Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite

Another equally exciting model for MMO and Moba games fans is Corsair’s Scimitar RGB Elite. This is a gorgeous-looking professional mouse with the incredible build quality.

On the left is the Key Slider, Corsair’s patented control system, with 12 function keys that you can map as you wish. You can customize them and save settings from recalling when needed.

Razer Deathadder Elite

There’s room in the lineup for this second model made by Razer. It’s a mouse designed to respond as precisely as possible to the wishes of top players in eSports.

Despite a more neutral appearance than the others, this is a proper gaming mouse from start to finish. It combines advanced technology with an incredible 16000 SPI optical sensor, 450 IPS tracking, and 99.4% resolution accuracy. You have all the precision and speed you need to dominate the battlefield.

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