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The Best Gaming Notebooks of (Ranking)


Do you love video games? Would you like a computer on which to install and enjoy the latest titles on the market, which allows you to immerse yourself in the surrealistic settings of the games fully? You aren’t the only one!

You need a notebook made for gaming, with high-end hardware and an attractive design made for gamers. The good news is that the market offers many fixed and portable PC models made to make your dream come true.

However, you may not have to take out a mortgage to find the perfect laptop for your needs. This article will list the best gaming notebooks in every price range. Ready to find the gaming laptop of your dreams? Well, let’s get started!

The Best Gaming Laptops

With the increasing popularity of video games and the increasing search for this type of laptop, the offer and variety of models on the market are also growing. Today there’re gaming notebooks in different price ranges. If you want a computer to play, you must have in mind that the expense to be done is a bit high compared to the classic models, suitable for everyday use.

To run video games well, you need more performance and power than those required for ordinary operations. The more performing a computer, the higher its price. With this in mind, we have decided to group laptops by price range and present you with the best choices. Below we will see both cheap (so to speak) and high-end models. Here are the best gaming notebooks and features on the market!

The Best Gaming Notebooks of 2022

MSI GE66 Raider: Every Gamer’s Dream!

Let’s now see a notebook that won us over, and it was love at first sight. This is one of the new MSI GE66 models that perfectly balance the aesthetic aspect with the power needed for a gaming laptop. It’s a top-of-the-range model you have to spend and not a little.

But we assure you it’s worth every penny!

The power is excellent, and on the GE66, we find the newest components among these stand out the 12th generation Intel Core Alder Lake processor. Among the available models, it’s better to focus on the one with the Intel I9-12900HK processor with 14 cores and a frequency that can rise to 5.0GHz if necessary. Created with a hybrid architecture, it allows obtaining higher performances even up to 45% compared to the previous generation.

The RAM supplied is 32GB DDR5, therefore ultra-fast with excellent performance and is expandable up to 64. The storage space is also a lot, or 2 TB of SSD PCie 4.0, superior performance.

MSI GE66 Raider

Lenovo Legion 5: Inexpensive, But Really Good Gaming Notebook

With this model, you start to get serious. The new Legion 5 is a mid-range laptop. Still, with high performance for gaming: The latest generation processors, a sound graphics card, and build quality are the fundamental aspects of these models.

We also have higher-quality screens in this price range. We’re always on Full HD resolution, but the refresh rate is 144Hz, and the colors are vibrant and bright. The panel is IPS and Antiglare, with excellent brightness to allow optimal vision even in environments with intense lighting.

On the other hand, the video card is the usual 6 GB GDDR6 GeForce RTX 2060 that we have already encountered in many different models, as it is the GPU with the best value for money. It is excellent for playing older titles slightly but struggles a little with the high graphics effects of the new games.

Lenovo Legion 5

Asus ROG GA502DU-AL039T: One of the Best Laptops in the Mid-Range

For those with some extra cash to spend and who want to have an NVidia graphics card and double the RAM, there’s this Asus ROG GA502DU-AL039T. It’s always a new model, thinner than the enormous models of a few years ago and with a very refined design: It weighs only 2,1 kg.

In terms of performance, we always have the same AMD Ryzen 7 processor, but it is flanked by 16GB of RAM, which is the minimum for playing well. The computer is very snappy and responsive, but the battery consumption is deficient.

Here, as mentioned before, we have the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti video card, which with its 6GB of memory, allows you to enjoy excellent graphics performance. It is one of the most chosen GPUs by those who want a computer to play with without spending a fortune.

Asus ROG GA502DU AL039T

MSI Alpha 15: The Best in Value for Money

If you’re on a tight budget, this is the laptop to choose. Despite its relative (we’re talking about gaming laptops that still cost much more than regular ones), it has excellent performance and a beautiful design. It can also let you play pretty heavy games as long as you reduce the graphical effects.

It is a model that is an excellent compromise in every field, from performance to pricing, from design to portability. Even in gaming, we aim for portability and try to have a relatively light and compact notebook.

MSI Alpha 15

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