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The Best Multifunction Printer for Home and Office (Selection Guide)


While paper sheets are now slowly disappearing with the growing use of digital documents on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, there’re still many occasions when we need to be able to scan and print copies. Best Multifunction Printer: 2022 Selection Guide? Whether for your home or office, we show you the best multifunction printers you can buy today.

If you’re tired of constantly going to the nearest printing center and looking for a quality and affordable printer with all the necessary functions, you’re at the right place. On this page, you will find a list of the models we recommend the most and advice on choosing the one that best suits your needs.

If you’re considering purchasing your first printer, or if the old printer isn’t working now, below you will find a selection of the most viable products currently on the market and offering the best value for money.

Best Multifunction Printer

A printer that can copy or scan is a great convenience, whether for work or school. Although it’s an accessory used less, you cannot be without it most of the time. Those who need a printer don’t have to go to the printing house and spend a fortune on printing; they don’t waste much time.

Today you can choose from many models, one more versatile than the other, able to meet various needs. From simple printing of documents or photos to a copier, faxing and scanning via email or for other uses, we’re sure you’ll find the right one with this guide. Here are the best multifunction printers for home or office:

1. Brother HLL3270CDW

Among the most innovative printers are those using LED technology. This multifunctional Brother HLL3270CDW is among the best value models for its many features, quality and speed. A professional-grade model lets you print up to 24 pages per minute, even in color at up to 2400 dpi. This model is speedy but very quiet as it prints with less than 45 dB of noise.

The link is comprehensive. In addition to the ability to use a cable, there is also an NFC chip for wireless, WiFi direct, and even quickly receiving pages from a mobile device. You must use the particular application to print from a smartphone or tablet.

There is a very comfortable touch screen to control all printer functions. Don’t miss the automatic two-sided printing; the paper tray with four toner and 1000 page capacity holds up to 250 sheets.

Having more toner in different colors is a vast saving because you can gradually replace the ones that wear out the most and get the most out of each. The only flaw is that the USB cable, typical of Brother printers, is missing and needs to be disconnected.

Brother HLL3270CDW
Brother HLL3270CDW

2. HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw

Also, if you need to be able to print in color, you have to spend a little more. The HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw is the best choice in these situations. Quality, compactness, and a pleasant linear design at a great price make it a great product in any office.

Color print quality is excellent, thanks to its high resolution (600 x 500 dpi) and ReCP technology with polymerized toner. Images are sharp, and the text inside is clear, precise, and legible. Note that the speed is much lower.

Again, we have a direct WiFi connection and an ethernet cable connection. One of the handy bonus features is the HP Smart App, an app for Android and iOS that you can print and scan from your smartphone.

HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw
HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw

3. Epson Expression Premium XP-7100

An excellent value-for-money printer, this Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 is ideal for those looking for a product for printing photos and color documents. A good choice for the office, perhaps a little pricey for simple home use, but a worthwhile investment for those who print a lot.

The strength of this model is that it prints high-quality glossy photos and documents with precise and defined color graphics and images.

The design is beautiful and looks very professional, with dual trays for internal paper, one for A4, and one for photo paper. On the front is a straightforward and convenient touch panel to control all functions and a memory card slot where you can directly select photos to print. Among the most exciting parts are the automatic document feeder and the customization of printing/copying on one or multiple sides, front and back.

You can print wirelessly from your computer or smartphone, thanks to the WiFi connection. There is also a connection for an Ethernet cable and the possibility to place it in the network for remote use. They’re also different cartridges so that the printer doesn’t stay the same for a long time when you use it less, or it will be bigger so that you don’t have to change it frequently if you use it a lot.

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100
Epson Expression Premium XP-7100

Best Multifunction Printer – FAQ

What is a Multifunction Printer?

A multifunction printer, sometimes referred to as a multifunction device, combines the functionality of several devices in one. They're designed to be compact enough for use in a home or small office setting but robust sufficient to fulfill various needs. For example, they can manage and distribute documents centralized. Often, these devices are the perfect solution for small offices that need multiple print jobs done at once.

A multifunction printer should be able to save money on utility costs. However, despite these features, multifunction printers can be expensive. The price tag may not justify the convenience and functionality of a multifunction printer. In addition, some multifunction printers are unreliable and don't have the features a business needs. As a result, many businesses prefer specialized multifunction printer vendors who can help them make the right decision.

The latest technology can make multifunction printers a vital part of a business's printing infrastructure. While multifunction printers can print documents from a desktop, they can also print from a laptop, smartphone, or wireless device. Most of these printers come with energy-saving features. Many units now feature an energy-saving mode and smartphone integration for printing from a mobile device. WWiFiconnectivity is also a plus.

What is Bonjour Multifunction Printer?

Bonjour is a protocol that makes your computer aware of shared resources such as printers. It works through a transparent connection, and many networked printers support Bonjour. To install Bonjour printer software, you first need to register your Bonjour printer with your operating system. Once you've written it, you should check the Readme file to install any necessary printer driver. Then, you can start printing from your Bonjour-enabled computer.

When you add a Bonjour printer to your computer, you can select the protocol and queue with the highest priority. For these, you need to enter a value between 0 and 99. A lower number means a higher priority, and the default is 50. You can change the focus of the user accounts or groups by selecting the appropriate drop-down box. When you choose a protocol, the printer will send print data to the designated devices.

Apple devices, such as Macs, iOS, and AirPort networking devices, are equipped with Bonjour. You can connect to a Bonjour-enabled device through an Apple TV or Mac. The software also enables you to print from a networked computer without entering IP addresses or configuring DNS servers. Bonjour support is automatically added to network-enabled printers. You should be aware that Apple may have some intellectual property rights in the subject matter.

What is The Best Multifunction Printer?

Many multifunction printers feature essential functions, including scanning and copying, but the price ranges and features differ widely. Some MFPs are equipped with WWiFiDirect, which allows them to act as their wireless access point, letting you connect devices directly to your printer. This feature is excellent for home offices since you don't have to worry about establishing a broader network connection. You can also opt for printers with Near-Field Communication, which lets you initiate wireless connections from your mobile devices by simply tapping the printer.

Another essential feature of the best multifunction printer is its size and weight. Multifunction printers are usually larger than single-function printers, but some compact models are available for homes. Check the dimensions and weight of the model before purchasing it, as you probably won't be moving it much. Fortunately, most printers weigh less than a ton. However, you should still consider the weight and size of an MFP before buying it.

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