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The Best WiFi Dongle for Computer and Other Devices


A WiFi dongle for computers, laptops, printers, and consoles is a great solution, allowing you to connect to the internet quickly and easily, inexpensively.

The latest wireless routers and new modems supplied by telephone operators have been updated to 5GHz frequencies, guaranteeing higher transmission speeds and lower response times. A WiFi dongle with the latest WiFi standards eliminates the hassle of purchasing a new multimedia device or an updated computer. If your favorite device has a USB port but not a wired connection, why not let it connect to the network with it?

You’re looking for one that guarantees maximum speed for your smart TV or desktop PC anywhere and in any situation, integrates well with your device, and is easy to configure. Below we will discuss the best WiFi dongles for computers and other instruments in 2022.

What is a WiFi Dongle? What Does It Do?

The dongle allows you to connect to a wireless network that will enable you to communicate between your devices and your home or office wireless router.

Some computers, printers, and smart TVs don’t have a wireless module, while other devices, such as consoles or multimedia devices, need to improve their signals. Sometimes, the existing module of the desktop or laptop is broken, and replacing it can be costly.

With a USB WiFi dongle, you can connect them to the network and surf the web faster without interruptions or slowdowns, thanks to new standards such as WiFi 5 802.11ac, WiFi 6 802.11ax, and 5ghz. Therefore, it is also necessary to have a communication device that supports these standards, whether a wireless router or a WiFi modem.

The Best WiFi Dongles of 2022

Once we’ve clarified what a WiFi dongle does and when it should be in your pocket, we can review the most popular and easy-to-find models, suitable for every budget. WiFi dongle is highly inexpensive, allowing everyone to access their wireless networks and public wireless networks.

Today, WiFi coverage is now public and recommended by many regions and municipalities. In bars and other businesses where customers often sit down to work or play, we find public WiFi networks that keep up to date with the store’s WiFi network.

Next, let’s move on to the analysis of the most popular and easy-to-find USB WiFi dongles. Here are the best WiFi dongles for computers!

TP-Link Archer T3U

TP-Link is one of the best-known brands in the industry, known for its reliability over time and bringing economical solutions anywhere. The Archer T3U AC1300 has everything a WiFi stick should have and has a detachable omnidirectional antenna.

You will be able to direct the antenna to the best spot to have maximum speed and signal stability. It supports MU-MIMO technology and guarantees your security with standard WPA/WPA2 key and encryption.

TP Link Archer T3U

Netgear AC1200 Micro

This device can upgrade your desktop computer or compatible smart TV with its small footprint.

The promised maximum speed is 1200 Mbps, and with dual-band technology, interference is reduced for a better, more stable, and faster connection on all devices.

Netgear AC1200 Micro

D-Link DWA-181

The device supports 128-bit WPA / WPA2 encryption to ensure maximum security in your home or work network. D-Link tends to emphasize that it is also suitable for online gaming.

Not just for games, with this WiFi dongle, despite its small size, you shouldn’t have any problems streaming high definition in 4K quality! This is a fantastic device, and although a little pricey, it’s really worth every penny.

D Link DWA 181


BrosTrend presents the WiFi dongle with a gold-plated USB 3.0 connector and enhanced security, thanks to the implementation and update of the new WPA3 standard. BrosTrend 2 supports up to 867Mbps at 5GHz and 300Mbps at 2.4GH and supports the latest 802.11 ac WiFi standard.

This device is also equipped with a proprietary slot or base that allows you to extend the range of motion for a better signal, thanks to the integrated extension cable. It can be connected to your desktop PC or compatible smart TV.

Again, thanks to the proprietary base, you can put the WiFi dongle wherever you want, even away from the stationary PC, or even strategically hide it. You will have twice the power and a more stable signal thanks to the dual antennas.


Maxesla 1300M

This device’s compact dual-band WiFi dongle provides 5dbi gain. It has USB 3.0 standards. Speeds up to 400 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and 867 Mbps at 5 GHz. It offers two wireless modes: One is regular WiFi mode, and the other is Access Point mode.

So it provides internet access to other nearby devices, equipped with a wireless network card or switch. But when connected, it cannot have a stable connection. With this device, you can expand your network at an affordable price.

Maxesla 1300M

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