The Largest Shopping Centers in Europe


The largest shopping centers in Europe are dazzling. Every major city now has one or more shopping malls. These buildings have grown to significant dimensions, becoming actual containers for entertainment and recreation. The largest in the world is Dubai Mall which occupies an area of ​​​​939 square meters, with the largest sweet shop on the planet and a 2000-seat ice rink.

However, it isn’t necessary to fly to Dubai to visit large shopping centers. Because even in Europe, there’re vast and rich attractions beyond the simple store shop.

Exploring Europe’s Largest Shopping Centers

Trafford Center, which is among the largest shopping centers in Europe, is located in Manchester, the city hero of the Industrial Revolution, which fascinates with its style that blends history and modernity. The Trafford Center spans 207,000 square feet, spread over three floors, and is home to 280 stores, a football, bowls alley, Lego Land, and even a training track for skydiving.

There is London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the city of Trafalgar Square, Westgate Mall: There’re 350 shops on 220,000 square meters, there is also a casino, cinema and bowling alley where you can have a few hours of fun.

Mega Khimki in Moscow is a little smaller: There’s no better place to take shelter in the middle of the cold Russian winter than inside this huge 210,000-square-metre Russian shopping mall owned by the Swedish company Ikea.

The Largest Shopping Centers in Germany

You can find exciting ideas in new shopping centers and well-known international names in large traditional buildings like Germany’s largest shopping mall, Private KaDeWe. The mall next to Kurfuerstendamm offers space for original boutiques and time-honored shops, and art exhibitions. In general, the largest shopping centers in Germany are:

  • Alexa Mall

With its golden eaves, round arches, tasteful ornaments, wall decorations, and Art Deco design, Alexa evokes the 1920s, the glorious era of Alexanderplatz square. Located on Alexanderplatz with a sales area of ​​more than 56,000 square meters, Alexa isn’t only one of the biggest shopping centers in Berlin but also a center with a unique atmosphere.

  • Schildergasse

Cologne Schildergasse, the busiest shopping street in Europe, has a long history from ancient Roman times. Today, Galeria Kaufhof is one of the best places for shopping, with huge department stores such as Zara and H&M.

  • Zeil

Also known as Germany Fifth Avenue, this shopping street in Frankfurt is a delight for discreet shoppers. This area between Konstablerwache and Hauptwache is lined with top international brand stores and stylish boutiques that offer the best in fashion and high life.

  • Konigsallee & Schadowstrasse

A fully tree-lined river in the main center of Düsseldorf, this upscale area with numerous boutiques or designer shops is an elegant place for some high-end shopping in Germany.

The largest shopping centers in Italy

Shopping malls have overrun Italy in the last two decades. Alongside every major city came huge architectural complexes, sometimes designed and built by accurate punches, sometimes designed and built by big names. Centers offer the population a broader and more competitive selection of stores in a unitary reality. Those that compete to describe themselves as Italy’s largest shopping center. Here are the largest shopping centers in Italy!

  • Campania

The largest shopping centers in Italy are the stand-alone Campania di Marcianise in the province of Caserta. Here you find a one-kilometer-long shopping arcade with two stories surrounded by exterior commercial buildings with ​​200,000 square meters and about 180 stores.

  • Porta di Roma

Porta di Roma, which ranks second in our ranking with its 7 thousand parking spaces, also has a parking lot.

  • Good Volcano

If Rome is the capital of shopping centers, the reference region is Campania. Two of the first five buildings with such extensions are located in the area whose capital is Naples.

  • Romaest

Rome isn’t only the capital of Italy but also the capital of large shopping centers. Romaest is also one of the largest shopping centers in Italy.

The Largest Shopping Centers in the UK

The UK is one of Europe’s most popular cultural capitals and one of the world’s shopping centers. Here are the largest shopping centers in the UK!

  • Westfield London Mall

Westfield London is located in one of London’s most vibrant areas, at the center of some of its top attractions, within walking distance of Kensington Palace, Notting Hill, and some of the most important museums. More than just a shopping center, London Westfield is a large shopping village covering approximately 190,100 square meters and is home to about 265 shops.

  • London Trocadero Shopping Center

It’s a shopping and entertainment center located in Picadilly Circus. Along with shops where you can find typical English products such as tea and tastings, the arcades are characterized by restaurants, cafes, and fast-food restaurants.

  • Arndale Center

Manchester is a vibrant city, and one of its biggest attractions is its vast shopping district. In the center of this district, right there stands Arndale, a shopping giant. This building takes up an entire block and is the most expensive building.

  • Selfridges

The building where Selfridges is located is in Plaza de Toros, a shopping district within walking distance of New Street Station. The building has a futuristic and unusual architecture.

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