Top 5 VPNs You Haven’t Ever Heard About


If you conduct a simple web search for the top VPNs, you will discover that particular VPN services are featured on practically all review sites and blogs.

They provide excellent services, but the fact is that they have their own affiliate scheme to ensure that they are promoted in the appropriate areas. To be the finest service provider, you must give the best services and effectively advertise yourself. And these VPNs accomplish all of this.

But what about VPNs that provide decent services but do not spend on marketing, and VPNs that are not visible to the public? There are many fantastic VPNs that deserve to be recognized, but because they do not pay for affiliate programs, few people have heard of them.

1. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN has several features that large players do not, like limitless bandwidth, P2P compatibility, 10Gbit servers, the option to connect to 10 devices, and a professional support team.

Proton is well-known for offering the world’s largest secure email service, and they also offer its own VPN service.

ProtonMail was founded in 2014 by a group of MIT and CERT scientists and engineers who debated and debated security problems. Millions of individuals, including journalists, activists, and business owners, immediately adopted email services.

The Proton team is committed to combating censorship, mass spying, and cyber security risks.

When you connect to ProtonVPN, your traffic is routed via many secure core servers before exiting the private network, making tracking individual users’ data difficult. These servers are situated in Sweden, Iceland, and Switzerland, all of which have strict privacy rules that prohibit the government from requesting information.

You also receive a fresh encryption key each time you start a session; hence, even if a key is hacked, it cannot be used to decrypt communications from past sessions. It also has AES-256-bit encryption, RSA key exchange with a 2048-bit key, and HMAC-SHA256 message authentication.

ProtonVPN also has certain drawbacks, such as the fact that it only has servers in 14 countries and only supports OpenVPN. ProtonVPN does not support PPTP or L2TP.

2. Betternet

Betternet is a free VPN service that requires no membership. This is not available in other high-end VPNs. It is compatible with a wide range of devices and, unlike other free VPNs, does not display advertisements.

They have a highly unusual and one-of-a-kind manner of making money. When you install its mobile app, you will be prompted to “install an app.” When you click this button, it will provide application suggestions. They will gain money if you install one of the recommended apps. If you do not wish to install the app, click the “Watch video and connect” option. This will initiate the playback of a brief video on your phone. Betternet receives money every time the video is played.

There is also a Premium edition available. They created a subscription app to pay the costs of human resources, new locations, and dedicated servers because the free model can only produce enough money to keep the servers running.

Betternet provides applications for almost every major platform. The speed provided to free users is adequate. You must upgrade to a Premium account if you want a faster connection. Overall, it’s an excellent free VPN that doesn’t bombard its customers with intrusive pop-ups and in-page adverts.

3. Opera VPN

Opera is an alternative to Google Chrome for individuals who do not wish to use it. The Opera browser has its own built-in VPN, which is both free and limitless.

You do not need to install any extensions for this. All you have to do is go to settings and check the box next to Enable VPN. Alternatively, you may open a private window and pick the Enable VPN option to the left of the URL bar. Opera allows you to select a location from a list of six nations. Alternatively, you can connect to the most appropriate location picked by them based on your location.

4. Private Tunnel VPNs

Private Tunnel is OpenVPN’s breakthrough, and it is more of a privacy endeavor than a traditional VPN service. Because it is related to OpenVPN, it is regarded as a dependable and robust VPN.

It was formerly recognized for its data usage-based pricing, but its pricing schemes have recently altered. They have two options, Fixed and Flexible, with the difference being the number of devices you want to connect.

When you subscribe, you have access to private tunnels in a variety of nations. It supports limitless server switching and includes 128-bit AES GCM encryption. It also has an unrestricted speed policy and no-logging policy.

5. Lantern VPNs

Lantern is a limited-speed free service. Its function is to allow you to access stuff that is normally restricted. Lantern will only turn on when it encounters a prohibited website. It does not conceal your IP address while visiting standard websites.

If your ISP restricts access to particular websites, Lantern allows you to access them without restriction. It serves as a proxy server, routing your connection through another server. HTTPS encryption is used to secure proxy connections. Tor is a good option if you wish to remain anonymous when browsing the internet.

The Lantern utility is incredibly light, and it can be downloaded rapidly even over sluggish connections. A free account includes 500MB of free data use each month.

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