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Which MacBook to Buy in 2022? Pro or Air?


Apple laptops are conquering the market more, as they’re robust, secure, and versatile PCs that can meet even the most demanding expectations. If you’re considering buying one of Apple’s laptops but don’t know exactly which one to choose, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show which MacBook to get in 2022.

We’ll show you a complete analysis of each model to help you understand which one best suits your needs. They’re perfect for school, but also ideal for work. Macs are expensive, but they’re laptops with incredible features that few other laptops can boast. MacBook Pro or Air isn’t always easy to choose and understand which is the best because there’re so many factors to consider.

Because this is a considerable expense, you should take some time to examine each model in detail and make a decision based on what you need. If you don’t want to make a blind choice, take a few moments to read the article. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each MacBook currently on the market and the different configurations available. You will find many valuable ideas.

All MacBooks: Buying Guide

Apple laptops are the jewels of technology, combining a unique design with cutting-edge technology that can provide exceptional performance, ease of use, and, above all, a very high level of security that no Windows PC can offer.

There’re huge differences between the models currently on sale, and the choice isn’t so urgent. We compared them to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each and see if there is one that offers better value for money. Let’s see the results of our tests without wasting any more time. Here are the best MacBooks to choose from in 2022!

MacBook Pro 14: The Best Choice for Professionals

The new Apple laptop has finally arrived, indeed two. The new Pro is truly a tech gem in many ways, and the 14-inch one, in particular, jumps to the top of the MacBook’s worth buying rank.

This time around, the jump in performance is significant compared to past models, not the version that surprises me but the numerous changes Apple has made to this computer.

However, let’s start with the new processors available, the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, which offer revolutionary performances never seen before in a laptop, save significant battery life, and provide a long autonomy. Great chip, but having a more powerful processor is average. So let’s move on to the real news, most of which is unexpected.

Let’s start with the revolutionary design. With its distinctive shape and excellent usability of different ports in addition to USB-C, you can immediately spot it from the outside. MagSafe also returns to charge the laptop, and no worries about dropping it if someone trips over the cable. However, the initial surprise of the screen remains when you turn it on, without noticeably increasing the size and then an inch on the base model with the keyboard. New MacBook Pros lose the touch bar and return a keyboard with all the buttons.

Let’s get back to talking about the incredible display. This laptop features a Liquid Retina XDR panel with colors, contrasts, and brightness never seen in a notebook. There’s also a 120Hz refresh rate for unmatched smoothness, thanks to ProMotion technology.

MacBook Air M1

Of all Apple’s notebooks, this is the best choice. The MacBook Air, launched with the new M1 processors a few months ago, is gorgeous under each one. Despite being Apple’s ultralight and cheapest laptop, the fresh Air is truly a tech gem worth every penny, even more than it costs.

Last year, the Air added a Retina Display, the same one used on the Pro. Alongside this great display came another extra, TouchID, which is always and only exclusive to professional models. In conclusion, it’s worth noting that the innovative fanless design of the MacBook Air makes it the quietest laptop in the world!

In a nutshell, if you’re wondering which MacBook is worth buying in 2022, the model we recommend is the Macbook Air. This notebook can meet the needs of 90% of users, maybe more. There is no ultrabook or ultraportable on the market at this price that can compete with this PC!

MacBook Air or Pro: Which Should You Choose?

For a long time in early 2022, this was a dilemma for users. But after several positive and negative analyses, many people chose Air and were delighted.

It’s unbelievable that there is so much power in such a thin and light PC, and above all, long enough autonomy to run up to three days on just one charge! Just like the owner of the Pro models first and the Air now, we recommend this notebook because it’s currently the most affordable among the various Apple.


Why Should You Buy an Apple Laptop?

No matter how much you hate or love Apple, you must admit that owning a MacBook has many advantages and fewer disadvantages than a Windows PC. It’s clear how much more secure macOS is than Microsoft’s operating system, and IT security and protecting yourself are more important than ever today.

But the first advantage is the incredible selection of essential programs that are entirely free on Macs for daily use and work; on Windows, you usually have to pay, or the free ones don’t offer enough functionality. Anyone who has had the opportunity to use both products will understand the significant difference and comfort of MacBooks in this respect.

Added to this are better build quality, autonomy, design, portability, display, and many more benefits that continue to widen the gap between various laptops.

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