Best Desktop Gaming Computers to Take Gaming to the Next Level


Best Desktop Gaming Computers. Gamers know that to enjoy their favorite games to the fullest, you need a computer made specifically for this purpose. The best desktops built for gaming allow you to run any game to their maximum and enjoy all the details and effects available on every screen.

You need a lot of power to play well: The best special effects in games of all time require a lot of expenditure and resources from your PC, especially the video card, which is one of the critical components of a gaming computer. The processor and RAM are also essential; everything should be on top if you want to run practically every title smoothly.

Add to that a bad case, an extraterrestrial look, and the LEDs that light up your gaming station, and we realize these are beyond ordinary computers.

Best Desktop Gaming Computers to Take Gaming to the Next Level

Today there is a vast selection of PCs dedicated to the gaming world, which not only have an aggressive aesthetic appearance but are also increasingly powerful enough to support the best graphics quality continuously. Many computer manufacturers have created models that look amazing along with excellent components.

Unfortunately, these PCs cost a lot, so those who want to save often focus on assembled gaming PCs, where the price drops significantly. Even if not everyone can afford them, daydreaming costs nothing (for now), so let’s look at the order in which we compare the different prices. Let’s see them in detail to understand why these models are the best choices. Here are the best desktops for gaming!

1. Best Desktop Gaming Computers: Trident X Plus

A laptop, especially this one, will never give you as powerful a performance as a desktop. The Trident X Plus by MSI is an ideal PC for gaming, with a potent configuration, beautiful looks, and outstanding build quality.

It’s a compact gaming desktop built with gaming components tailored for you, designed to last longer even under the high demands of gaming, providing an incredibly immersive gaming experience. It is also tranquil, thanks to an advanced silent storm cooling system.

It has a great Mystic Light RGB lighting system on the front panel and side cooler with a very minimal design.

Trident X Plus
Trident X Plus

2. Best Desktop Gaming Computers: Corsair ONE

Although this PC is in second place, the ONE Pro i182 is the most powerful of all. It’s not just at the top of the list for the hefty price it has, maybe a little too high, but if you want the best, you have to be willing to spend.

This computer is simply absurd. It is a PC that will redefine gaming and professional industry standards. Despite compact, it can deliver incredible power, and you cannot play a game with full graphic detail.

It has a relatively neutral and not-so-bad look, making it well suited for a workstation where a lot of graphics power and computational capacity are required. In short, excellent work for multimedia content creators and video game developers.

Corsair ONE
Corsair ONE

3. Best Desktop Gaming Computers: Lenovo Legion 7I Tower

Of all the models we’ve reviewed, the PCs of Lenovo’s new Legion 7i series promise the best. With Lenovo Legion, you can enjoy all games old and new, with ball graphics or almost, thanks to super performance hardware, great computing, and video power. Also, look for the overclock option for extra power when needed.

The design is innovative and aesthetically different from a standard PC, but it completely changes when the lights are on. It illuminates the entire gaming station with its LEDs: An ideal showpiece to combine with a more professional gaming mouse. The full RGB lighting of the system is visible from both the front and the transparent side panel.

A unique PC features next-generation Intel Core i9K processors, turing architecture Ge Force RTX Super series video cards, and a Z490 motherboard ready for future upgrades.

One of the features of the 7I Tower is its ease of maintenance and upgrade. Thanks to the always removable side panel and the optimum configuration and positioning of the components, it allows you to replace them quickly.

Lenovo Legion 7I Tower
Lenovo Legion 7I Tower

4. Best Desktop Gaming Computers: HP OMEN X

Another mighty machine, a gaming beast with an extraordinarily unique appearance. A 12-core processor, plenty of RAM, and a powerful 11 GB video card aren’t afraid of difficulties. Even the heaviest games mean nothing to this PC.

This Omen X from HP is one of a kind, with mind-blowing performance capable of supporting any game currently on the market, even with ball graphics effects. The chassis is simply beautiful and made of galvanized steel.

The quality of the components is the best, and the PC is designed to give you maximum customization and make it easy to upgrade in the future: There is support for micro ATX motherboards as well.

In addition to the design, the highlight is a thermally managed liquid cooling system with three separate compartments for the GPU, hard drive, and power supply. This allows you to maintain a low temperature even at very high workloads.


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Update: 16.09.2022
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