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Free Video Maker with Photos, Music, and Text


Do you want to create an unforgettable memory to share with your friends or look at every once in a while? Have you taken many photos, and now you want to make an excellent movie where you can add background music or funny emoticons to the pictures?

Then you’re in the right place. Today we show you different programs with which you can create videos with collages of your photos, music, and various personalized texts. If you have no idea how to do it and think it’s tricky, we can quickly say that it isn’t at all.

The software we’ll show you below is straightforward and made to create the perfect slideshow or video clip in a few clicks. Almost all of them are free, although some require a small fee for advanced features!

Is this true for you? Then take a few moments to read this article, and you will see that you will learn to surprise your friends with fantastic video memoirs.

The Best Program to Make Videos with Photos and Music

Not very familiar with computers? Don’t worry, because we’ve selected a range of software that’s really easy to use and very intuitive, and tons of online guides can explain how to achieve the desired effect.

Remember that some are free forever, some for a limited trial period. So you can try more than one and choose the one you like or are comfortable with the most. Many also run on Windows computers, Macs, and even Linux.

Here are the best programs you can use to create incredible videos with photos, music, and even text:


In the first place is undoubtedly iMovie software made by Apple that all Mac users can use on any of their devices for free. iMovie is a program available on iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and iPod that allows you to make Hollywood-style videos.

There’re many features, from simple picture collages and video clips to unique effects, including 29 trailer templates with stunning graphics and original pre-loaded soundtracks. You can add 3D effect titles, transitions, and texts in a few clicks. Thanks to the slow-motion effect, you can slow down or speed up the action, add audio tracks, and much more.

You can create many projects, save them to the cloud and edit them wherever you want. The potential of this software is so great, with many possibilities that it would take pages to explain. But at the same time, it remains straightforward to use for those who want to make short videos without complicating their life. If you’re interested in getting to know it, you can find everything on the official Apple page.

After creating your movie, you can export it in maximum resolution up to 4K and mirror it on UltraHD definition TVs and displays. The only downside to iMovie is that it can only be used by those who own an Apple device and isn’t available on any other operating system.



You cannot use iMovie if you have Windows, Linux, or Android. But there’re other perfect programs you can use. Kizoa is one of them. It’s software with great potential but quite limited in the free version.

You can use it directly in the browser. There is also an iPhone app that allows you to create your videos instantly from your mobile, download and share them with your friends, and burn them.

The free license is unfortunately quite limited as it only allows you to make movies with your pictures and music in HD resolution of up to one minute. However, remember that you can also keep them online, as 1GB of storage is also given. Many effects and templates are also ready to create even more professional videos.


DVD SlideShow GUI (Windows)

It’s probably the program we recommend most for those who have Windows and want to have fun learning how to make better movies. DVD SlideShow GUI is open-source software with tons of features.

Although it’s free software, it’s a program that grows and continues to develop thanks to its open-source code. You cannot compare it to professional-level ones, but it’s truly an excellent tool for those who want to enjoy and have fun creating videos and memories with their photos and music.

DVD SlideShow GUI Windows

SmartShow 3D

A good alternative is SmartShow 3D, which works on Windows 10 and older. But beware that this software is costly. If you only have one project to do, you can use the free trial for ten days.

With SmartShow 3D, you can create more fantastic videos than ever imagined. The primary function is the one that lets you blend images and music for stunning video clips and slides. But with advanced features, you can use gorgeous animation effects and professionally designed ready-to-use video templates to make presentations that amaze your friends.

SmartShow 3D

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