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How Do You Clean Your PC Screen Without Damaging It?


How Do You Clean Your PC Screen Without Damaging It?

Maintaining and cleaning your laptop, desktop PC, or smartphone is natural. We do this automatically, but you always realize how much dust, fingerprints, and even germs and bacteria have accumulated on your screen a little too late.

It is tough to notice all the accumulated dirt when the screen is on. But sooner or later, we see it, or someone shows it to us. So we come to the big question; how can we clean the computer screen without destroying it?

There are products and clothes suitable for cleaning various types of screens. However, before purchasing any display, you should consult your monitor’s manual to check that that panel doesn’t have specific procedures. There are some precautions to be taken before cleaning and the differences to be noted between the board.

Pre-actions and Warnings

Without explaining how to clean a PC screen or a screen in general, it is necessary to perform some simple but helpful actions that help eliminate any risk to your safety and the safety of components. Disconnect the monitor from the computer or power source. Before cleaning, let the screen cool, which will undoubtedly be hot from use, mainly due to the backlight LEDs.

At this point, very gently remove the dust with a microfiber cloth. If you press the panel hard, some fine particles or solid residues in the dust may scratch the screen.

For stubborn residue on the screen, apply some non-abrasive cleaner to the microfiber cloth and never apply directly to the screen. These cleaners are designed for screens and don’t contain ammonia or alcohol. For this reason, don’t use general cleaners such as glass or dishwashing liquid.

Test the cleaner on a small section of the panel before using it on the entire surface of the screen. Then apply the cleaner to the microfiber cloth and clean a small part of the corner of the screen. After ensuring it’s the right cleaner, use it over the net. At this point, you can wait for the screen to dry or wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth.

Clean Fixed PC Monitor

You can connect any monitor or TV screen to your computer, but you must pay attention to the type. To clean your PC screen without damaging it, you must first understand whether the screen is glossy or opaque.

Clean Fixed PC Monitor
Clean Fixed PC Monitor

Which Cleaner Should You Use?

If regular dust cleaning isn’t enough, how to clean it with a cleaner without damaging the screen? There are many detergents, liquids and sprays, and even gels. Consistency isn’t necessary; what is essential is that they are specific to cleaning monitors and don’t contain aggressive substances.

There are also home remedies if you want more control over what you use. The most readily available and cost-effective solution is a liquid compound that you can create with isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. We remind you that the composition of various detergents on the market is indicated quite generally.

Pure, ultrapure, or distilled water is free or contains minimal minerals. We usually don’t want to use ordinary tap or bottled water that contains minerals and lime; this will ruin your screen. So, depending on the aggressiveness of the compound you want to create, you can start with a 30% isopropyl alcohol base (up to 50%) and the remaining 70% distilled water. Isopropyl alcohol is also often used in electrical circuits; it evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.

How To Clean Laptop Screen?

The above applies to cleaning the laptop screen. However, for necessary precautions in these cases, for added safety, we recommend at least unplugging the battery power cord and removing the battery if possible.

Cleaning a laptop screen is no more complex than a desktop computer. In these exceptional cases, our laptop keyboard is always too close to the screen. Cover it with a cloth to protect the keyboard and prevent dirt from falling on the keyboard and penetrating the components underneath.

As a result, it is straightforward to conclude how to clean the PC screen without damaging it, whether a desktop computer or a laptop. Just follow a few steps to avoid damaging the screen and its components. When you start applying, it will be so easy that you will not have problems even twice a month with the methods we have shown you.

Moistening the cloth with detergent doesn’t mean soaking it thoroughly. Two or three sprays of special spray cleaner are enough for the screen. It will prevent liquid from entering the bezel and components of the display or the laptop if you are cleaning your laptop monitor. However, before cleaning, completely unplug the computer or laptop. It is an essential condition in which you need to be very sensitive.

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