Is Tor Browser Safe to Use? Tor Browser Download?


Is the Tor Browser safe to use? It is one of the topics that people who meet Tor frequently research. With Tor, you can encrypt and hide your user data.

This browser is a browser that takes privacy very seriously. In this way, the sites you enter are not visible to others. With this browser, you can easily access both regular and hidden areas.

It is one of the best browsers for people who want privacy while browsing websites. It is a frequently used browser, especially by people living in solid states. In general, it is a terrific browser.

Can Tor Be Used Safely?

The Tor browser is, of course, safe compared to most browsers. However, it may not be enough on its own. It will be helpful to use a VPN and the Tor browser.

Many people sell drugs and illegal weapons over the internet. Therefore, paying attention to the sites you enter while browsing through the Tor browser will be helpful. In addition, malicious people often prefer the Tor browser because it is encrypted and more secure than many browsers.

Strong companies and communities can easily collect data information from Tor. It will be more beneficial to use VPN or any IP hider application while using the Tor browser. Otherwise, your data may be accessed.

Pages like Google are likely to follow you. Generally speaking, if you use it, the Tor browser will do the trick. Otherwise, it would be better to get support from IP hiders.

Using Tor and VPN Together

Using Tor and VPN simultaneously provides a high level of security. That’s why people using Tor should use it with a VPN. People who will use a VPN should use it with Tor.

Although the Tor browser is good, it may not provide the complete privacy you want. That’s why getting help from a VPN app is always better.

If you use Tor and VPN simultaneously, Thanks to Tor, your data is encrypted, and your IP address becomes invisible with VPN. In this case, the only point you need to pay attention to will be to find a secure VPN application.

If your privacy is not strong, your data may be given to the ISP. You need to research the VPN application you will use in the best way. Because instead of increasing your privacy, many applications can endanger your security.

First of all, it will be safer to run the VPN. VPNs over other browsers are safe but not as secure as the Tor browser. Thus, your IP address will be hidden, and it will be safer to run the Tor browser.

If you use it this way, your data is kept from everyone, protecting the data coming to the device, and your IP address is not shared even with Tor. Therefore, if you want to use Tor more securely, you should use a VPN.

Tor Browser Installation

Tor browser setup: to use the Tor browser, the installation process must be completed first.

  • First, go to Tor’s website.
  • Once you are on the site, you can start the Tor browser download process.
  • Downloading and installing Tor is entirely free.
  • You need to go to the file you downloaded on Windows
  • Select language and click next
  • In the next step, you need to choose the installation location.
  • After the download is complete, go to the uploaded folder

After these steps, you can use it easily.

Disadvantages of Tor VPN

Tor is a perfect browser with many aspects. There are also many positive aspects. However, apart from all these advantages, there are also disadvantages. It would be helpful to talk about these disadvantages. Tor browser disadvantages:

  • The Tor browser can slow down your internet speed as it connects with many servers to serve.
  • Large organizations like the NSA can monitor Tor and access users’ data.
  • Some browser applications are blocked because they will show your location.
  • It may not be safe enough on its own.
  • It can be a bit dangerous as it is often used for illegal purposes.

There are, of course, advantages of the Tor browser as well as disadvantages. It is safer to use than many browsers. You can easily use the Tor browser alone if you do not need to hide your IP address. If you need to hide your IP address, using a VPN with the browser will help you. Take care to find a secure VPN.

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