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VPN Meaning and What is VPN? Detailed Review!

VPN Meaning and What is VPN? VPN (Virtual Private Network), also called Virtual Private Network; It is a protection method that hides the IP address of users by creating a private route or tunnel over the internet.

In big cities with heavy traffic, subway tunnels mean safe travel, so the “tunnel” analogy is used for VPN, which ensures safe travel of your data.

Features of VPN and VPN Meaning

  • It aims to increase your security on internet connections and protect you from spammers and hackers.
    It hides your browsing history (But you won’t be completely invisible depending on factors like VPN terms of service).
  • Masks your IP address and physical location (the VPN’s IP address is shown instead of yours).
  • Although it basically aims to prevent the tracking and collection of data about the user, over time; It has been expanded with features such as ad-blocking and, in some cases, offering anti-virus solutions.
  • It can reduce the risk of identity theft as you are in a private and protected area.
  • Although it has limited aspects, it can protect your data from spies by providing secure data transfer in banking or e-mail transactions.
  • It may prevent some internet service providers from slowing down your speed to make a profit.
  • Although legal in many countries, it is considered illegal in countries such as China, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Oman, Iran, North Korea, Uganda, Venezuela, and Turkmenistan.
  • Since VPN services have servers in many parts of the world, the user’s location; can show it as the location of the VPN server it connects to. For example, due to the Chinese government’s internet censorship, sites like Google and Facebook from China can only be accessed using a VPN.
  • There are also those who use the VPN’s location display feature to save money. The prices of some online sales sites are not the same for every country; It is possible to find flight tickets, car rental, and accommodation services at lower prices.

How Does a VPN Work?

VPN to mask and protect your location and data; It creates a communication protocol that sets the limits of how data travels from your device to the VPN server.

So VPN works by creating an encrypted connection from your device to a VPN server over your internet connection.

Thanks to this encrypted connection; the target site sees the VPN server as the source of the traffic, not you!

In summary, when using VPN; your information, such as which websites you visit, and what data you transfer, will be harder to discover: Even if someone looks at what you send, they only see your encrypted information, not the raw data.

Disadvantages of VPN

Despite the privacy, security, and freedom it offers, you should also know that there are disadvantages to using a VPN.

  • It can slow down your internet connection.
  • It can increase the ping value, which shows how fast the signal coming out of your computer is being sent and received.
  • There is always the possibility that your internet steps are recorded by VPN providers and this information is sold.
  • In some illegal countries, there are sanctions such as fines.
  • Hidden inside some VPNs; You could be the target of malware trying to get hold of your financial information, which causes you to be bombarded with spam emails and advertisements.
  • There may be occasional disconnections; The real problem here is not having to reconnect, but breaking the encrypted connection, exposing your real IP address, and posing a threat to your privacy/security.

As a result, VPN; is a security solution that protects you from cybercriminals who want to steal your information and from being tracked by your internet provider.

It aims to make the internet more secure so that your passwords, bank transactions, credit card information, and business data are protected.

Since it is legal in most countries of the world; VPN applications that are available not only on Windows and Mac but also on Android and iPhone are becoming more and more common.

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